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New Year, New Office Furniture

New Berlin office furniture

How to Decide When to Buy New or Used Office Supplies

The New Year is the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings, even at the office. What better way to start off the year than with a completely made over workspace? Bern Office Systems has affordable new and used office furniture sets for transforming your business at the start of the New Year.

Redecorate to Reinvigorate

Tis the season for tinsel and bright trinkets around the office, either set up by employees at their own workstation or by the company throughout the building. Once the holidays are over and the decorations taken down, the old furniture can appear extra drab in comparison. Swap in some new furniture pieces to keep the office looking fresh after the festivities.

Surprise Employees for Greater Productivity

Many employees take time off at or around the New Year mark, making the weeks during and after the holiday ideal for moving around new furniture pieces. Bern Boys will move in your new furniture pieces and arrange them into space-saving configurations. You won’t have to lift a finger as your office is transformed around you, unless it’s to point us in the right direction!

“New to You” Pieces

Buying new furniture doesn’t have to break your budget. Our used furniture is an affordable way to revitalize your office. All of our used pieces are inspected for damage and restored to like new condition. A used executive desk or conference room table will be far less expensive than a new equivalent, leaving you leftover funds for purchasing matching chairs.

Remanufactured Furniture for Greater Savings

If you’re satisfied with the look of your current furniture yet still want to make some upgrades, Bern Boys furniture remanufacturing is just what you need. Your favorite pieces will remain where you like them, yet will last for years to come with our revitalizing options.

Make Healthy Resolutions with Ergonomic Designs

Every year, thousands of New Year’s resolutions involve getting healthy. With the right office furniture, this goal can be achieved easier than ever before. Anything from ergonomic chairs to adjustable desk heights will improve the overall wellbeing of your employees.

Important considerations when buying furniture include:

A Fun End of Year Activity

With many businesses closing down over the holidays, workers can becomes distracted by their upcoming vacations. Have employees input their design ideas for the new office layout and offer prizes during the holiday party for the best look. Let each department select their favorite workstations or arrange for the managers to visit our Milwaukee furniture showroom one day to gather ideas.

Use the New Year for a new office. Bern Boys in Milwaukee have all the best brands and manufacturers for affordable new, used, and remanufactured office furniture supplies.

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