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Office Chair Safety Tips

Rolling Office Chair

Follow These Ergonomic Tips from Milwaukee’s Furniture Experts

Everyone knows sitting for 8 or more hours a day is bad for your health. Yet there are other workplace health issues caused by office chairs. Get safety tips from Milwaukee’s office furniture experts, Bern Boys, to protect your employees.


Don’t Use Broken Chairs

If a chair is missing a wheel or armrest, is “stuck” at one height, or sits at an uncomfortable angle, the chair is broken. Even if the chair seems safe, it could easily tip or break further with continued use. It is better in the long run to buy a new chair than repeatedly deal with a dangerous chair. Consider upgrading to a fully functional used chair or a brand new office chair as soon as you can.

Ergonomic Office Chair in Waukesha from Bern BoysMake Adjustments in the Morning

At the start of the workday, employees should take a few minutes to adjust the headrest, armrests, and overall height of their chairs. Doing this in the morning means there shouldn’t be distractions later in the day from an uncomfortable seat.

Don’t Tip the Chair

If you spend the day leaning over to see other people’s work or like to kick up your feet, you’re in danger of tipping your chair. A fall of even 1-2 feet can lead to sprained or broken bones. Keeping a chair level will reduce this risk.

Take a Break

Continuously sitting is incredibly bad for long-term health. Workers should stand up and take a quick walk at least once an hour. If they work with computers, this is a good opportunity to rest their eyes from monitor strain.

Don’t Sit in Pain

Really need to finish an assignment? Sitting through your discomfort might seem like no big deal, but staying seated can lead to more pain in the future. Chair discomfort can be a major distraction while working, so it is better to get up and relax your body before finishing that big project.

New and Used Office Chairs in MilwaukeeLock Rolling Casters and Wheels

Chairs with wheels are incredibly convenient yet create an office hazard. Someone who sits down might not expect the chair to begin rolling and hurt themselves.

Office Chair Weight and Height Limits

The type of chairs needed at your office will depend on your workers. Office chairs from Bern Boys are built sturdier than ever to support employees of all sizes. Weight capacity is a real issue to take into consideration when buying new chairs. On average, most work chairs can support up to 250 pounds. There are now big & tall style chairs available with up to 500 lb. or more.

Smaller workers will also need to be taken into consideration. A short employee may require a low chair so their feet can touch the ground comfortably while they work. Keeping feet flat on the floor is recommended for better ergonomic support.

Bern Office Systems has new, ergonomic chairs and affordable used chairs in great condition for all your business needs. Visit our Milwaukee showroom to try them out for yourself.

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