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4 Ways to Keep Office Workers Happy

Decorated Milwaukee Cubicle

Making a Milwaukee Office More Productive Through Interior Design

Keeping employees happy is a constant challenge. It’s a common misconception that office jobs in particular cause workers to be unhappy. Bern Office Systems wants to share the truth! Here are some tips for Milwaukee area businesses to improve worker morale and productivity for better business results.

First, how do you know your employees aren’t satisfied? Some signs include frequent sick days, PTO requests, or leaving early. While everyone needs a break now and again, these instances being accompanied by a high turnover rate are a sure sign something is wrong for your workers. Even if your employees aren’t calling in sick or taking off, they might not be getting quality work done when they are in.

Change Up the Office

Change is one of the easiest ways to put your workers into a more positive mindset. Picking a new paint color, changing the carpets, or reorganizing will revitalize tired employees. Going into work will become fun again as they admire the new design. This is especially true during Wisconsin winters, when having bright colors are a great alternative to the gray weather outside.

Your clients and business partners should also be taken into account when considering an office redesign from Bern Office Systems. Seeing new décor will show them your business is staying current and willing to promote change. New office furniture will keep your office from looking run down and outdated.

The interior design team of Bern Office Systems will help you select the right color palette for your workplace. We will coordinate between the paint on the walls to the fabric on your chairs for a cohesive look to your redesigned office space.

Open Up Communication

A major complaint from unsatisfied workers is they are not heard by their bosses or peers. The right office configuration will make communication easier for everyone. While emails have made interoffice communication faster, it is far less personal than a face to face conversation. This can lead to feelings of isolation for employees who spend hours at a time in a cubicle without anyone to speak to.

New cubicles and workstations are made to promote easier communication. Open designs and a variety of colors keep the cubicles from being dull or unappealing. Your employees will still have private workstations for focused work yet be easily able to talk with a neighbor when they need help.

Create clear company goals through greater communication. This will help workers stay organized and have a specific idea in mind when they come to work. A disorganized office will likely leave people spending more time trying to find something than actually working on it.

Encourage Contributions

How often do you see all your employees? If you’re always in your great executive office or spend most of your time traveling to other branches or partner companies, your workers might not feel comfortable approaching you. An imposing office might impress visitors, but your own employees may feel you’re inaccessible. More than ever, office staff members need to hear feedback about their performance and job.

Many employees find their job unappealing if it becomes too repetitive, yet lack the chance to try out a different field within the company because they feel there’s a lack of opportunity. Make sure to check in with your workers for new projects to see if anyone would have an interest or ability to help. How do you know their skills if you don’t ask?

Create a Comfortable Work Environment

Healthy office workers provide better business results. Ergonomic chairs and desks will help employees stay comfortable and pain free throughout the day. Spending so many hours in front of a computer or hunched over a keyboard causes neck, back, and joint injuries which affect productivity.

For more information on promoting office satisfaction in Milwaukee, contact Bern Office Systems today!