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Standing Desks –The Way of the Future Office

How an Office Staple Has Transformed into Something New

Milwaukee area employers have been coming to Bern Boys for years for advice on the next big thing in office furniture. Standing desks, also known as sit-to-stand or sit-stand desks, are more popular than ever as a convenient way to save space and provide employees with better health benefits throughout the workday. Transform your facility into the pinnacle of modern design with furniture from our standing desk collection.

Bern Boys offers innovative office furniture from many of our partner manufactures, including AMQ Solutions which specialized in sit-to-stand desks and workstations. Stop by our Milwaukee showroom to see all the different standing furniture pieces we have to offer today.

Smart Sit-to-Stand Desks Make Office Life Easy

AMQ Solutions provides sit-to-stand desks and tables which come equipped with LED displays for simple adjustments. Most units are able to hold 4 presets to make going from sitting to standing easy. These smart desks mean your employees spend less time adjusting their desks and more time working.

Each unit is assembled separately, meaning workers can adjust their own desk to meet their needs. Stationary standing desks do not give employees this freedom, as there is only one option for configuration. AMQ desks do not have this limitation. This is useful for employees who are unable to stand for extended periods of time and need to adjust their desks independently of others.

Freedom from Sitting

With adjustable standing desks, employees will be able to adjust their desk to meet their comfort needs throughout the day. An ergonomic office will keep workers healthy and active. If you’re in sales and spend most of the day taking customer calls, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being able to stand and walk around while employees in accounting will probably want to sit while crunching the numbers and checking over expense reports. Sit-to-stand desks give all workers the freedom to control how they get their work done.

What are the dangers of sitting for 8 hours a day?

Sitting for a continuous 8 hours over the course of a workday can cause employees to face a whole host of health problems. A sedentary lifestyle can result in weight gain, back pain from poor posture, and even heart disease or diabetes.

Of course, you’ll still need some chairs around the office. Adjustable chairs and stools give workers a chance to lean while standing and a place to rest when they’re ready to sit. Bern Boys has a wide assortment of professional chairs available for completing your office renovation. Just ask our experts to help you pair the best chair with your office interior colors and style.

While we’re not going to work in flying cars, you can still have a futuristic office. Standing desks are an affordable way to modernize your office and encourage your employees.

Contact Bern Boys today for more information on affordable standing desks for your Milwaukee office.