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Find the Best Chairs for Your Office

Milwaukee Office with Ergonomic Chairs

Milwaukee Furniture Experts Recommend Ergonomic Chair Designs

Chairs are an often overlooked aspect of modern offices. With so much focus given on computer desks and cubicles, it’s easy to see why office chairs are forgotten. Yet they are an important feature for keeping employees happy and healthy throughout the workday. Bern Boys is here to help Milwaukee employers find the best office chairs for their workers.

What to Look for When Buying Office Chairs

Seat Size

One of the first things to look for is seat size. The base needs to be wide enough to support workers of all sizes. If the seat is too small, it’ll be uncomfortable for larger employees. Seats which are too large can lead to poor posture from slouching in the chair.

Employees should have just enough space to sit with their back fully supported and their knees a few inches away from the end of the seat. You don’t want the knees to bend right on the edge of the seat, as this can affect circulation in the legs. It will also be harder to keep your feet on the floor.

Conference Room Chairs in MilwaukeeAdjustable Arm Support

Arm support is another important factor to consider when buying office chairs. The armrest should be adjustable since employees will all have different needs based on their size. When working, the arm supports should line up with the desk or cubicle to keep the arms straight while typing or writing.

Some chairs do not have independently adjustable armrests. In most cases, they move when the seat height is changed. While this is fine for some people, it will not work for everyone.

Adjustable Lumbar (Lower Back) Support

Lumbar support is what most people look for when buying ergonomic chairs. Supporting the lower back will prevent back pain from poor posture. Even employees with bad backs will be comfortable if they have the right chair. Adjustable support will allow your workers to customize the feel of their chair for improved posture.

Adjustable Height

The best office chair for a short person may not be the same type of chair for a tall worker. Unless everyone in your office is around the same height, having adjustable chairs is a necessity.

The height of the person sitting in the chair doesn’t matter so much as the length of their legs. A tall man who has very long legs will need to raise the height of his chair to keep their knees and hips aligned. A shorter person may have to lower their chair to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. In some cases, a footrest may be necessary for very short employees. Some ergonomic desks have angled footrests built-in.

Waukesha Waiting Room ChairsMobility

Do you have an open floorplan to encourage worker collaboration? You’ll want to consider mobile chairs with wheels to make getting around easier. High carpets can slow down wheels, so some chairs are built with special wheels just for use over carpet. Remember to take your flooring into account when picking a chair.In some situations, you won’t need mobile chairs. Chairs in an executive office, waiting area, or conference room will be fine without wheels.

Reclining or Tilt Feature

During long meetings or presentations, reclining chairs with a tilt feature will help everyone pay attention while staying comfortable. For some people with back problems, a slight adjustment to the backrest can help reduce pain as they work.

Long Lasting Materials

There are different materials available for modern office desks. Some are padded for extra comfort while others use mesh framing to provide ergonomic support. A metal base can provide additional stability while plastic wheels are better suited for moving on carpet. Our furniture experts will assist you in finding the best materials.

Along with different materials, there are also different styles for chairs. Chairs can be ordered in many colors to match your office décor.

Used Office Chairs for Sale in Milwaukee

Don’t have the budget for brand new chairs? Bern Boys has a large supply of lightly used office chairs at affordable prices. Take your employees to our Milwaukee furniture showroom to try out chairs for themselves.

The experts of Bern Boys are ready to help you find the right chairs for your office.

Visit Bern Office Systems today to buy new office chairs in Milwaukee.