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Avoiding Common Office Health Problems in Milwaukee

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How the Right Furniture Can Prevent Aches and Pains

For many Milwaukee area employees, spending up to 8 hours a day sitting at a desk in front of a computer can have long-term health effects on their body. Most commonly, office workers experience back, neck, and shoulder pain from long hours remaining stationary in a chair. Fortunately, more and more furniture manufacturers are creating desks and workstations specifically for the health of modern office employees.

Keeping your employees healthy will keep them happy. The most important factors to consider when buying new or used office furniture are:

Ergonomics – How supportive is your furniture?

Over the years, more and more furniture manufacturers have started to incorporate ergonomic designs into their desks, chairs, and workstations. These pieces of furniture provide support for employee backs, neck, and shoulders and reduce potential workplace injury.

For Waukesha area business, Bern Boys carries ERGO Contract Furniture, ESI Ergonomics, and Eurotech Seating brand office furniture. All of these manufacturers specialize in creating office furniture which is not only comfortable but ergonomically designed. This includes everything from chairs to desks and workstations. The more support you offer to your employees, the healthier they’ll be.

Adjustability – Does one size really fit all?

Different workers have different needs, as employees come in all shapes and sizes. The needs of an accountant who is over six feet tall will be vastly different from those of a salesman who is only 5’4”. Most cheap office furniture suppliers claim one size will fit all employees, though this is hardly ever the case. Often, the greatest customization workers have is the height of their chair, leaving a lot to be desired.

Bern Office Systems knows how important adjustable furniture is for creating a comfortable work environment for your employees. Right Angle products include fully adjustable desks and workstations for a completely custom work experience. Employees have the option to stand or sit at their desks, depending on their needs. Our various workstations allow adjustments to everything from monitor display height for healthier necks to keyboard placement for the wrists and shoulders.

Ease of Access – How easy is it to get around?

A cluttered or unorganized office can have its own hazards. If your employees cannot easily get across the office, an accident might be waiting to happen. Too many chairs in a conference room can lead to someone tripping and falling while loose file cabinets can cause stubbed toes. Bern Boys Waukesha office space planning can reduce workplace accidents by arranging furniture so it does not become an obstacle.

Alongside our office planning services, we carry many furniture manufacturers who specialize in creating better storage. Claridge has innovative cabinets and cases to create more efficient storage for your office. The workstations available from Safco include unique storage components to reduce workplace clutter.

Mental Health – What is your work atmosphere like?

The mental health of your employees can be just as important as the physical. A plain, dull office is often uninspiring or even depressing and leads to lower productivity. Having bright office furniture can help employees handle the long, dark days of Wisconsin winter. Find a style you can handle for hours on end from Bern Office Systems.

Our wide selection of quality office furniture includes colorful patterns and designs for a more personal look for your business. 9 to 5 Seating has different chair patterns in a variety of colors for your enjoyment in the office. ABCO’s huge inventory of desks and tables come in various fabrics and finishes for a personal touch to your office design.

Ask your employees how they feel physically after a long day of work. If your workers are experiencing pain, you have to act fast to avoid long-term injury or illness. Discomfort from desks and chairs can be prevented with the right office furniture and happy, healthy employees will be more productive for your company.

For ergonomically-designed office furniture in Waukesha, contact Bern Office Systems today.