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Affordable Standing Desks with Aesthetic Appeal

Sit to Stand Desk

The Benefits of Standing Desks

Offices and businesses all over Wisconsin are becoming more acquainted with the concept of standing desks – also known as sit-to-stand desks – as a new type of innovative workstation for workers. While there are many health benefits to standing desks, there are also many economic and ergonomic advantages to them, which many of our customers have found to be advantageous to their office experience. Learn why the sit-to-stand furniture offered by Bern Boys is superior to the competition!

Easy to Install

Many of the "standing" desks from our competitors are actually separate furniture pieces. These standing desks have to be installed separately from the sitting unit, leaving them less stable than our standing desks. The ACTIV Sit-to-Stand table, ACTIV Height Adjustable Benching, and the ILINE Data Beam from AMQ Solutions are several of the innovative sit-to-stand furniture pieces available at Bern Boys which are easily installed at your office or place of work.

Standing desks are an easy and affordable way to optimize space in a cluttered office area, and with AMQ Solutions standing furniture available at Bern Office Systems, office workers can go from sitting to standing and vice versa without taking up any additional space. By saving space, your office becomes less cluttered and takes full advantage of all available workspace.

Stop by our Milwaukee showroom to see all the innovative, easy-to-install standing furniture pieces we have to offer from AMQ Solutions today.

Easy to Use

Standing Desk ConfigurationWith our adjustable standing desks, your employees will be able to change their desk throughout the day, going from sitting to standing, or vice versa. Employees can work however they want at their ergonomic desks, and that sort of freedom allows for healthy and happy workers.

New technology has allowed AMQ Solutions standing furniture to be equipped with motors for smooth and easy height adjustment. Other standing desks have to be manually adjusted, which can be a hassle, and may even cause accidents liked spilled coffee. Motorized desk adjustment is a far easier solution, and can allow customized settings for employees of different heights, so shorter people won’t have to stand on tiptoe and taller people won’t have to stoop over.

Standing desks are easily adjustable using a motorized compound, allowing the change between sitting and standing to be easy and efficient. Other standing desks have to be manually changed, which can be difficult for smaller employees or those with multiple monitors. Being healthy at work doesn’t have to be a hassle – with standing desks available at Bern Boys furniture, anyone can make the switch to a healthier, happier work life.

Superior Standing Furniture at an Affordable Cost

Sit-to-stand desks are the wave of the future for employees around Wisconsin, and you can make sure your office isn’t behind the times. Stop by our Milwaukee showroom to see all the innovative standing furniture pieces at Bern Boys today.

Contact Bern Boys for more information on affordable standing desks for your Milwaukee office.