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Cubicles vs Desks: Which is Best for Milwaukee Businesses

Corner Cubicle Configuration in Milwaukee

Bern Boys Provides the Best Office Workstations

How much of a difference is there between an office full of desks and an office full of cubicles? Each workstation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Bern Office Systems is here to help you pick the right type of workstation for your office.

Furniture Configurations

Desks typically stand alone or align with an office wall. Cubicles can be combined to form different work areas for multiple people. Since cubicles can share walls, there are far more unique configurations possible. At Bern Boys, we use 3D computer layout space planning to determine the best configuration for your desks and cubicles.

Advantage: Cubicles

Furniture Rearranging

If you decide it’s time to rearrange the office, individual desks will be easier to move than connected cubicles. Each cubicle will have to be disassembled before it can be moved, to avoid damaging the walls. Our professional furniture installers will be happy to handle cubicle reconfiguration.

Advantage: Desks

Cubicles in Rows Milwaukee

Open Office Floorplans

The popular open floorplan is meant to encourage employee cooperation and teamwork. How well this system works will depend on the workstation furniture used. Desks have no barriers between them, making it easy for team members to communicate efficiently. On the other hand, cubicles can be setup in a bullpen configuration specifically for team projects.

Advantage: Tie


Cubicles can have up to 4 walls surrounding the worktop. The height of these walls can vary, providing privacy to the busy worker within. Desks lack any sort of privacy unless they are paired with a separate partition, often at an additional cost.

Advantage: Cubicles


Desks can have trays, drawers, and cabinets built right in. Most cubicles have attachable storage units which are optional. While this lowers the cost of the cubicle and can save space, it means desks have more storage options.

Advantage: Desks


Cubicles are generally cheaper than desks because they require fewer components when they share walls. Additionally, traditional desks materials like hardwood will cost significantly more than cubicles.

Advantage: Cubicles

Red Desk in MilwaukeeCustomization

Desks have more material options than cubicles, including classic hardwoods. However, more cubicle manufacturers are offering more fabric and color options than ever before. Both options have spacious worktops where employees can place their own décor.

Advantage: Tie

Chair Options

Both desks and cubicles can be used with any sort of chair. Standing desks from Bern Boys allow workers to transfer from sitting to standing whenever they feel like it. Height adjustable chairs are a must for either workstation.

Advantage: Tie leaning towards desks

At a glance, cubicles have a few more advantages than desks. By carefully reviewing all these features, you’ll get a better idea about what your office needs when it’s time for new furniture.

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