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Office Space Planning & Redesign

Affordable Layout & Interior Design For Your Milwaukee Workplace

Opening a new office takes a lot of work. You need to secure a location with enough room for all your employees. Then you have to arrange desks and cubicles to give everyone a comfortable workspace. At Bern Office Systems, we utilize our experience to bring you every service you need to get your office started. In addition to providing the office furniture Milwaukee relies on, we offer affordable and efficient office planning services. Our office planning goes hand-in-hand with our interior design skills, providing you with an efficient and stylish work area.

New Desk Workstation

Why Proper Space Planning Matters in the Modern Office

An optimized office environment can actually save you money! Imagine your growing business has to bring in a new hire but you don’t have room for any more desks. Do you move your entire office to a new location and deal with extra overhead for one employee? Or do you hire Bern Boys to assess the space and find room for another workstation?

You contact Bern of course! Our professional space planning services include assistance in arranging your furniture and fixtures to get the most out of your current investment. We help you properly utilize your office space to ensure your new furniture purchase fulfills your unique office needs. We use computer-aided 3D layouts to make your office layout more functional without going over your budget. You’ll be surprised just how much valuable workspace your current office is hiding!

Plan Your Office Design

Interior Design and Remodeling Service in Milwaukee

There’s more to interior design than picking colors and arranging furniture. How your office looks is incredibly important when it comes to impressing customers and clients. Mismatched furniture or drab colors reflect badly on your business. At Bern Boys, we use our interior design skills to help your office reflect your company values and ideals.

Every Milwaukee area office is different and shouldn’t look like a cookie-cutter furniture catalog. Bern interior designers bring out the best in each room. Select high-end executive furniture to show visitors you take work seriously. Contract corporate culture with a brightly colored kitchen to give everyone a place to relax during breaks. Our goal is to provide furniture and décor to reflect your company culture throughout the building.


Remodel your Milwaukee office with planning from Bern

Computer and Standing Desks Pave the Way to the Office of the Future

Modern furniture has transformed interior office design and space planning, starting with the cubicle. Created in the 1960s, cubicles allowed more workers to fit in a single space without sacrificing privacy. We’ve come a long way since old-fashion cubicles thanks to standing desks and computer desks. Standing desks promote employee health while opening up your office space. They allow workers to stand or sit based on their comfort, encouraging productivity. Specially designed computer desks hide cords and wires which could otherwise become tripping hazards. These workstations are made for supporting multiple monitors, keyboard trays, and every other piece of modern office technology you require.

When you visit our Milwaukee showroom, you’ll see all the latest sit-to-stand desks and computer workstations available. You can choose from different colors and styles depending on what you want in your office remodel. 


Open Floor Plans vs Closed Cubicles Floorplans: Which Works Best?

A common question we get when redesigning an office is whether an open concept floor plan is than traditional closed cubicles. There is no easy answer, as the best floor plan for a business may vary from department to department. Our office experts have seen it all and know how to find the best solution.

For example, open floor plans encourage workplace cooperation. Yet this openness can be a major distraction for any employees who need to concentrate on their tasks. Our team has found ways to blend open and closed floor plans to make all your workers comfortable.


Redesign Your Office with New or Used FurnitureOffice furniture design for 2020

Whether you are moving into a new office or just want to refresh your current office space, Bern Office Systems has several affordable options. Our remanufactured workstations can provide extra space while giving employees their own work areas. Used desks and cubicles are another way to save money while reorganizing an office.

For over 40 years, Bern Office Systems has been helping Milwaukee area businesses with their office furnishings and office design. We’ll help you get the look you want in your workplace, for a lot less than you might think. 

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