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Office Space Planning & Interior Design in Southeast Wisconsin

Milwaukee Office Furniture Company Provides Office Remodeling Expertise

At Bern Office Systems, we provide every service you need get your office started. In addition to office furniture, we offer affordable office planning and interior design services to ensure you have an efficient and stylish work area.

Why Proper Space Planning Matters in the Modern Office

An office that doesn’t make good use of space feels cramped and chaotic. If you’re replacing your furnishings, or starting from scratch in a new office space, we highly recommend letting us lay out your office space.

With our computer aided 3D design program we can easily offer you several options for laying out your new furniture to make the best use of your space. Your office will be more appealing and functional, and you’ll probably be surprised just how much valuable space your current office is hiding.

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Interior Design Remodeling with Office Furniture

There’s more to interior design than picking out colors. Our designers take everything into account, including the use of natural light sources. How your office flows from one space to another can make the difference between an efficient office and one that makes no sense at all. Every office space is different, and we use our interior design skills to bring out the best in each one.

We can remodel a single room or your entire building. The furniture we recommend will be chosen to reflect your company culture. From high-end, executive furniture to brightly colored, modern furnishings, we offer countless options for your new office. Contact our team to get started.

Computer Desks and Standing Furniture Pave the Way to the Future

Modern furniture has transformed interior office design and space planning. Specially designed computer desks hide cords and wires that could otherwise become tripping hazards, while standing desks allow workers to stand or sit, keeping them healthier and more productive.

When you visit our Milwaukee showroom, you’ll see all the latest sit-to-stand desks and computer workstations available. You can choose from different colors and styles depending on what you want in your office remodel. 

Open Floor Plans vs Closed Cubicles: Which Works Best?

A common question we get when redesigning an office is whether an open concept floor plan is than traditional closed cubicles. There is no easy answer, as the best floor plan for a business may vary from department to department. Our office experts have seen it all and know how to find the best solution.

For example, open floor plans encourage workplace cooperation. Yet this openness can be a major distraction for any employees who need to concentrate on their tasks. Our team has found ways to blend open and closed floor plans to make all your workers comfortable.

Redesign Your Office with New or Used Furniture

Whether you are moving into a new office or just want to refresh your current office space, Bern Office Systems has several affordable options. Our remanufactured workstations can provide extra space while giving employees their own work areas. Used desks and cubicles are another way to save money while reorganizing an office.

For over 40 years, Bern Office Systems has been helping Milwaukee area businesses with their office furnishings and office design. We’ll help you get the look you want in your workplace, for a lot less than you might think. 

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