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Remanufactured Cubicle Supplier in Milwaukee Boosts Productivity

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Remanufactured cubicles from Bern Office Systems could be just what your office needs and can afford. These fully refurbished cubicles have the appearance of brand new units and the price tag of used models. We work with leading office cubicle manufacturers who can refurbish cubicles to a quality level which will be stunning.

Cubicle refurbishment involves:

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Replacement Parts for Cubicles

For years, cubicles have been considered a bane to office workers everywhere. Yet the truth of the matter is most employees don’t mind working in cubicles. They just don’t like working in low-quality ones. These “bad” cubicles might be the wrong size, lack storage options, or come in boring colors. There are options for high-quality cubicles when you work with Bern Boys.

The remanufacturing process replaces all the bad parts of a cubicle with better, newer material. The range of colors and fabrics available in refurbished cubicles is sure to impress, transforming a dull office into a vibrant and comfortable workplace. Different cubicle heights and configurations can allow for your office to appear completely custom made. Bern Boys interior designers can help you plan the best layout for fitting in all your employees and furniture. This can include adding new features like keyboard trays and computer wiring.

Open Cubicle Layout in MilwaukeeEnvironmentally Friendly Cubicles for Sale in Milwaukee

Outdated office furniture usually winds up in the dump. Yet many of these furniture pieces are structurally sound and only look bad. Instead of going to a landfill, we repurpose old cubicles through remanufacturing. This process reduces waste when it’s time to replace office furniture. And by working with existing cubicles instead of from scratch there’s less materials used overall. Buying refurbished cubicles is an affordable way to make your office go green.

Reapplying paint, upholstery, and other parts uses fewer materials than constructing a brand new piece of furniture. This is another way using refurbished furniture is great for the planet. Of course, it helps that refurbished cubicles are more affordable too!

Refurbished Cubicles Look Like New for Less!

The new design will be easy to coordinate with your existing décor, keeping expense to a minimum. Our clients especially appreciate the quality we deliver with the low costs we offer. With remanufactured cubicles being very affordable, there will be plenty in the budget for new chairs, standing desks, or storage to continue improving your workplace.

Bern Office Systems has decades of experience with remanufactured office furniture. We know how to stretch your budget while improving your business image. Make your employees happy with like-new cubicles and watch productivity soar.

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