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6 New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace

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Improve Your Milwaukee Office with New Technology, Better Communication, and Standing Desks

New Year’s resolutions are useful for businesses as much as for individuals. The right resolutions can improve productivity, profits, and employee happiness. Bern Boys is here to help your Milwaukee area office get off to a great start with 6 New Year’s resolutions for the workplace.

To start, grade your office. Use either a 1-10 or A-F scale. Cover everything from day-to-day activities to larger company issues. If you want a more honest approach, have your workers provide anonymous grades as well. This will give you an inside look into the mindset of your employees. The consistently low scored items should be addressed in this year’s resolutions.

Computer Keyboard1. Improve Communication

How does your sales department communicate with accounting? Are important deadlines missed because the project manager focuses on clients instead of the team? Now is the time to establish clear communication channels amongst all workers. More communication will reduce workplace mistakes.

2. Update Your Technology

If your office still relies on faxes, it’s time to invest in new technology and software. Go over your inventory and ensure all printers, copier, and computers are in working order. New software like online calendars or project management sites can improve office organization, as long as everyone knows how it works.

Empty Milwaukee Office3. Remodel Your Office

Don’t let your office fall behind the times. Outdated furniture and bland choices of carpet and paint can leave employees and customers uninspired. Start off the New Year right with brand new office furniture. Bern Boys provides Milwaukee and Waukesha area businesses with the right furniture for revitalizing their workplace.

4. Encourage Healthy Work Practices

More active workers are more productive than their sedentary counterparts. Just taking the stairs instead of the elevators can give employees the boost they need for a more productive workday. To encourage healthier workers, consider standing desks from Bern Boys. These adjustable, motorized workstations provide greater mobility throughout the day.

Happy Workers At office Meeting5. Offer Classes or Seminars to Employees

With new technology and business practices, your employees have to keep up. Classes, seminars, and training sessions will keep your team ahead of the game. This is also an opportunity to diversify the skills of your staff. Someone in an unrelated department may be able to work on your website or IT with a few classes. It is easier to train an existing employee who is already familiar with your workplace than hire someone entirely new.

6. Create Incentives for Workers

If your workforce seems stagnant, give them new incentives for quality work. It could be as simple as a pizza party for improved sales or increased vacation days for a more momentous goal.

With these 6 office resolutions, your business will be better than ever this year.

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