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Bern Office Systems: Milwaukee’s “First Family of Furniture”

Office Furniture Company in Milwaukee

Office Furniture Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee Counties Rely on For Premium Business Solutions

When you consider everything about office furniture then you’re thinking like the office furniture experts at Bern Office Systems. We’ve spent nearly seven decades considering it all. When you retain our services, the experience shows.

Bern Office Systems was founded in 1946. We are family-owned and operated, offering practical, personal and professional services to companies throughout Wisconsin. Right from the start, we’ve have treated our customers like family. This personal approach is reflected in every aspect of the company – dependable quality, competitive pricing, excellent planning, practical problem-solving and creative office designs. It’s just the way we are.

Our guys know what they’re doing. Whether it’s new or used office furniture, remanufactured workstations, cubicles, ergonomic designs, installation, office space planning, office reconfiguration, office interior design or office moving services, we have the experience necessary to meet your office needs. If you need an office furniture solution, The Bern Boys can do it…and have already done it. Skillfully and affordably.

When It Comes to Office Furniture in Milwaukee, Bern Has the Experience to do it All!

When business owners consider something as important as their office, they look for experience. No one has more experience than Bern Office Systems. Over the years, we have grown to become Milwaukee’s new or used office furniture total resource. With an extensive inventory, professional and friendly service, companies of all industries rely on our affordable office solutions. We deliver excellent office furniture quality to ensure your satisfaction and continued business.

Bern Office Systems is a deep resource for local companies’ office furniture needs of all sizes. We offer it all – new, used and remanufactured. All of our products are provided in a strategic manner. Bern has earned the trust of many by consistently staying ahead of the market, keeping abreast of new developments and working diligently to solve office space problems.

Affordable Office Furniture Solutions to Meet Customers’ Needs

Every business office is an investment. The key is to make it as efficient as possible while also being as effective as possible. Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. Finding the balance between the two can be quite a challenge if office space is limited, storage space is poorly located, or work flow patterns are not smooth. Bern office design experts step into such situations and meet the challenge with practical, affordable solutions.

Used furniture or remanufactured workstations can keep costs low, assuring profitable margins for even the newest companies. Growing companies especially appreciate our concern for the client’s profit margins.

Bern products – new or used – are competitively priced. Quality doesn’t have to cost a lot. It just has to be carefully selected and well planned. Many smaller companies simply come to Bern with their needs and budget. Companies are often amazed at the level of quality and the extensive array of choices which are available even with tight budgets.

With our decades of practical office furniture experience, Bern personnel can provide attractive, affordable solutions for even the most complex office challenges. Any office layout of any size, whether simple or complex, can benefit from the detailed analysis and recommendations provided by Bern Office systems.

Recently, ergonomic furniture has come much more in vogue. Many employers have come to realize keeping employees more comfortable can have positive effects on productivity and profitability. There have been a vast amount of scientific advances in ergonomics. Bern is familiar with them all and can provide excellent, affordable direction to clients.

Reputation for Creative Office Design and Planning

Bern Office Systems has developed wide-ranging capability in office space planning, design, and installation services. They can provide a comprehensive solution to even the most complex office challenges. The company remanufactures office furniture and workstations. These are provided so clients can have a cost-effective office update without the need for excessive spending or other unnecessary expense. Bern’s office furniture professionals have practical experience in virtually all aspects of office layout and design. Hundreds of local companies in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha know for certain Bern can help them get the most out of our office facilities, leveraging our investment into the greatest possible profit return.

Bern Office Systems simply comes through with direct, practical and creative solutions. Our recommendations are always logical and affordable. Local companies deeply appreciate the honesty and integrity of this approach.

As a family-run business, we appreciate the value of long term customer relationships. They are completely dedicated to assuring customer satisfaction, providing affordable solutions to each client’s unique office furnishing needs. All work is consistently delivered on time and on (or under) budget. Bulk purchasing by Bern Office Systems provides the buying power to consistently deliver the lowest prices.

Milwaukee Office Furniture Company Helping Local Companies with Office Space Planning to Increase Space and Productivity

Even longtime customers are sometimes pleasantly surprised at the depth and quality of office planning done by Bern Office systems. These services are always “real world.” Consulting services can be as simple as advising a plan for the most logical and efficient office space planning. The company has already invested in all of these items. Bern experts help each company get the most for the money they’ve already spent.

For more complex office expansions, our computer-aided 3D layout system allows customers to visualize a variety of office layouts. This specific approach will result in the needed effectiveness and productivity while staying within established budget guidelines.

Bern Office Systems also helps local businesses establish ideal office environments. Office furniture installation specialists provide the best options and solutions at the lowest prices. Some companies simply want to improve the visual appeal of a business. Other large businesses want to increase functionality. Whatever is needed, Bern experts can affordably provide it.

If an entire office needs to be moved Milwaukee office furniture installers at Bern Office Systems offer quick and efficient moving services, making the office transition as smooth and efficient as possible. Moves are accomplished with minimal interruption of daily business. Bern Office Systems will set up the entire office at the new location, allowing the company to simply move in with its people and work processes.

The Bern Office Systems has a wonderful story which is still being written. There is a proud history, a wonderful present and a tremendous future for Bern -- “Milwaukee’s First Family of Furniture.”

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