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What Type of Used Desk is Best for Your Milwaukee Office

Picking a Cubicle Configuration Milwaukee

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Buying the right desk or cubicle for your office can be tricky. You need to take function, style, and comfort into account. The more employees you have, the harder it is to please everyone. The furniture experts of Bern Office Systems are ready to help you pick the best desk or cubicle workstation for your company.

Our Milwaukee showroom is full of used desks and cubicles all available at great prices. Let Bern Boys guide you to the best workstation.

Work Surface Shapes

The shape of your desk or cubicle work surface makes a difference. A desk with rounded corners  will fit into spaces differently than a desk with squared corners. Our interior design and space planning service will determine which shape will work best.

L-Shaped Desk MilwaukeeDesk shapes:

Picking a shape is about more than appearances. Desks with rounded corners will have slightly less workspace than similarly sized desks. If you need to have a keyboard, monitor, phone, and more on your desk, a wider surface will be necessary.

Desk Dimensions

The size of your desk will vary based on the function you need. If a desk is only going to be used for typing, it won’t need as much room as a an IT workstation with multiple computer monitors.

Desk work surface dimensions:

Bern Boys will help you find the right size and shape combination to maximize workspace at your office.

Cubicle Dimensions

Like desks, there are many shapes and sizes for cubicles. Each cubicle creates a private office. The walls and partitions of cubicles make finding the right dimensions essential. If the dimensions are too small, it will be uncomfortable for workers and reduce productivity. In order to maximize space, many cubicles can be arranged to serve as multiple workstations.

Corner Cubicle in Milwaukee

Cubicle dimensions:

Save time and money by purchasing your used desks from Bern Boys right here in Milwaukee. Visit our showroom to see all our used office furniture for yourself.

Contact our furniture experts today to buy used desks and cubicles.