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Quality Office Furniture Manufacturers from Milwaukee’s Top Supplier

Mayline Office Furniture Suppliers

Learn More About Our Supplier Partners

Bern Office Systems carries and operates with many high quality furniture suppliers. Our goal is to provide only the best furniture from the best manufacturers. The right brand of office furniture can keep employees comfortable, ergonomically supported and productive. A healthy employee is a happy one. Let’s get to know some of our furniture partners:

Mayline Office Furniture Variety

Mayline is formed by Mayline Network Product Divisions, Kwik File and Tiffany Industries. With three companies combined into one, there is plenty of variety to be had from Mayline products. They provide everything from standard desks and tables to high density storage units and specialized technology furniture. Their Sheboygan, WI, facility means they’re close to our Milwaukee showroom to better meet your immediate office furniture needs.

Storlie Storage and Privacy

Storlie Company has been around since 1953 and pleasing customers ever since. Their office furniture is highly affordable and meets the needs of many different office functions. They excel at functional, modern furniture and storage design. Divider posts to provide privacy are available on some furniture pieces and can be configured to meet your company needs. Bern Office Systems interior designers will help you plan how to best utilize this furniture for maximum office efficiency.

Jasper for Executive Needs

Jasper Desk is committed to design, functionality, and long-term value of their furniture. Over a century and a half has left them able to discern the difference between regular office furniture and true quality creations. They have always specialized in wood office furniture and are able to create designs their competitors can only imagine. Their executive office furniture ranges from traditional to modern, all while using the highest quality wood materials.

Eurotech Comfortability

Eurotech Seating is one of the leaders in ergonomic office furniture design. Their products all offer comfort and dependability. More and more it is becoming clear staying seated for hours at a time at a desk can be dangerous to long term health. Ergonomic designs like those made by Eurotech offer health benefits to reassure employees they matter and to decrease the harm in sitting all day.  Using a variety of materials including mesh and leather, their chairs are comfortable and come in custom colors to keep your office bright and lively.

Select the Right Brands for Your Needs

All of the brands we partner with are affordable solutions to your office furniture needs. On top of our wide variety of new furniture, we offer used and refurbished furniture for every type of office budget. We will even help you move your new furniture into your office facility.

For quality office furniture manufacturers from Milwaukee's top supplier, contact Bern Office Systems for a free estimate.