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Wisconsin Office Furniture Installation and Reconfiguration

Milwaukee Office Furniture Installers Save You Time and Money

Office Furniture ReconfigurationTired of the way your office space are arranged, but don’t want to spend a weekend (or longer) dismantling and rearranging 50 cubicles? Looking to expand your office space into an adjacent building and need desks and cubicles installed? Don’t go it alone! Bern Office Systems is here to help, whether you’ve purchased new office furniture from us or not.

Furniture Installation for Expanding Milwaukee Area Businesses

Expanding your office is an exciting time. Our Milwaukee office furniture installation services ensure you won’t have to take time away from your busy schedule to deal with your office fixtures. Starting with space planning and interior design, we make your office look great while making the installation process as convenient as possible for you and your employees.

Whether your office is expanding or just needs some new furnishings, Bern Boys will handle everything. Our professional installation will make setting up your new office or refurnishing your existing one quick and cost-effective.

Office Furniture Moving Services

Moving an office is always a nightmare. Let Bern Office Systems handle the transportation of your current furniture to your new location and set it all up for you. Our office furniture experts will quickly assemble and set up your workstations, cubicles, desks and chairs, so you can focus on more important things. We’ll keep your downtime to a minimum.

If you are buying all new furniture for your new office, we can deliver, assemble and install everything before move-in day. You’ll be able to walk right into your new facility and get straight to work without delay.

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Workstation Reconfiguration for Greater Organization

Our reconfiguration services include moving and setting up your existing workstations and office furniture to accommodate your changing needs and business growth. Our Milwaukee office furniture installers have years of experience working with every type of office fixture.

Bern Office Systems works quickly to get offices ready for business—on time and on budget. From remanufactured workstations to traditional cubicles to executive office furniture, we can create furniture arrangements to meet your exact needs. When you’re ready to get your office ready for business, call the boys at Bern.

New and Used Office Furniture Available in Milwaukee

Office Chair Installation Service in MilwaukeeIf you're looking to buy new office furniture, stop by Bern Boys Milwaukee showroom to see our selection of workstations, tables, chairs and desks—including standing desks from AMQ Solutions. Along with furniture, we also carry filing cabinets and other office supplies.

New and used office furnishings available at Bern Office Systems

Our used furniture collection is extensive, full of lightly used and well-maintained pieces. All our used chairs, desks and cubicles are fully functional and priced significantly lower than their new counterparts. 

Along with office furniture, we also provide office interior design work. This ranges from replacing carpeting and paint to moving and installing complete office systems. After you’ve purchased your furniture, let Bern Boys do the heavy lifting for you. We will expertly assemble the cubicles, set up your desks, and ensure everything is exactly where you want it.

Contact our Milwaukee office furniture installation experts today for quick and efficient installation or reconfiguration services available at cost-efficient prices.


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