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Dangers of Manual Sit-to-Stand Desks

Raised Office Desk Milwaukee

Why Motorized Standing Desks from Bern Boys Are the Superior Choice

With standing desks continuing to grow in popularity, there are many manual sit-to-stand desks becoming available. Yet these desks are nowhere near as convenient or safe to use as the motorized desks sold by Bern Office Systems in Milwaukee.

Learn more about how operating convertible or manual sit-to-stand furniture can create office hazards.

Desktop Weight Limitations

Messy Desktop MilwaukeeMany manually adjustable desks cannot hold too much weight without becoming difficult to operate. Since the height has to be adjusted by hand, the weight restrictions are based on each individual employee. A worker who has multiple monitors or other equipment probably won't be able to safely lift their workstation into a standing position. As a result, the sit-to-stand desk simply becomes another desk.

One solution is to remove weight from the desktop before adjusting the height. Of course, this makes far more work for your employees. The ACTIV and ILINE tables, benches, and desks from AMQ Solutions are all sturdy enough to hold all of your office equipment, even when moving. And when it’s time to go from sitting to standing, you simply push a button. There's no need to spend 20 minutes moving monitors or paperwork.

Easy Adjustability

Desks which are operated by hand often use a crank to switch between different heights. Others use pins in telescoping legs to control the height. The crank can be difficult for some employees to operate while trying to raise a desk with pins usually requires at least 2 people. Finding a consistent height for ergonomic standing can be very difficult using these methods. 

With AMQ Solutions motorized desks, multiple heights can be programed at the push of a button. Once your employees find their ideal height, they simply enter it into the LED display for a consistent standing height when they need it. Each desk can be operated by one person, saving time for everyone at your office.

Workstation Stability

Cluttered Milwaukee DesktopAn employee goes to their desk with a fresh cup of coffee. They set it down and begin to move their desk into a standing position. Suddenly, there’s a crash and the coffee is on the ground. Worse, so is their computer. What happened? With manual sit-to-stand desks, there’s always the possibility of human error.

Rather than risk damaging equipment or hurting employees, use automatic sit-to-stand furniture instead. AMQ Solutions desks operate so smoothly a cup of coffee can remain on the desktop and not spill while the desk moves between different heights.

Worker Comfort

There are many employees who would love the opportunity to stand throughout the workday. However, there are several health factors which may prevent them from standing up for extended periods of time. A manually adjustable desk may be too difficult to operate with ease, meaning workers will continue to sit instead.

By using a motorized desk, your employees can easily switch between sitting and standing when they need it.

Standing desks from Bern Office Systems are available in many different colors and styles. Your employees won't be stuck with boring gray workstations. Just visit our Milwaukee showroom to see all our furniture variety! 

Contact the Milwaukee furniture experts to order standing desks for your company today!