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What is Remanufactured Office Furniture? (And Why is it so Affordable?)

Refurbished Office Furniture in Milwaukee

Where to Buy Refurbished Furniture in Milwaukee

Remanufactured office furniture is another way of saying a desk, table, or cubicle has been refurbished. This may include replacing damaged paneling to reupholstering fabric in new colors. The finished piece will look and function like new. Bern Office Systems in Milwaukee offers remanufacturing services for businesses looking to save money on refurbished furniture options.

How is furniture remanufacturing so affordable?

Refurbished Cubicles in Milwaukee OfficeRemanufactured furniture pieces are already put together and have all the basic parts in place. It is far less expensive to remove and rearrange existing material than to start from scratch. The result is like new office furniture at a fraction of the “new” price.

Refurbished furniture has become very popular in the Milwaukee area because of the savings it provides business owners. At Bern, we specialize in remanufactured cubicles, tables, and desks.

Remanufactured Cubicles

Cubicle refurbishment involves:

Changing up your existing cubicles is an affordable way to rearrange your office without going over budget. Switch out the colors, size, or storage options to best optimize your workspace.

Remanufactured Tables

Tables can undergo a lot of abuse in a workplace. Yet a scuffed up tabletop can send the wrong impression to workers and business partners. A refurbished table will transform your conference room or executive office.

Remanufactured Desks

Go traditional or modern with remanufactured office desks. The refurbishing process can replace drawers, paneling, or other sections of the desk to make it function like new. Features like keyboard trays and computer storage can be added during this process to modernize your company.

Customized Office Furniture Styles

Want a new look for your office without a high price tag? Don’t buy all new furniture! Our office furniture specialists have a lot of experience helping companies which already have an established décor. We can match existing colors and styles to your new design. Visit the Bern showroom in Milwaukee and let us know what you’re looking for.

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