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Sit-to-Stand Desks for Sale in Milwaukee

Custom AMQ Solutions FurnitureStanding desks are the latest way office furniture manufacturers are addressing the health and wellbeing of employees. These workstations can be raised or lowered at the push of a button so workers can switch between sitting and standing. Bern Boys, Milwaukee’s experts in office furniture, offer sit-to-stand desks and workstations from AMQ Solutions. These adjustable tables increase productivity, promote ergonomics, and improve the appearance of your business all at once. We've tested every desk on the market from UPLIFT to Ikea, and we stand by AMQ Solutions as the most durable and approachable desk on the market.  

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Improving Employee Ergonomics in Wisconsin with New Furniture

Sitting for 8 or more hours a day can lead to health problems for Wisconsin employees. Weight gain and back pain are two of the most common health problems caused by sitting. Standing gives your employees a chance to stretch their legs and work their core during the day. Sit-to-stand desks are the way to give workers ergonomic support and freedom from sitting too long. It also lets them sit when they need to focus or take a break.

Example of Standing Desk Posture

The Dangers of Sitting for 8 Hours a Day

Milwaukee Worker Without Standing DeskA traditional workday in an office lasts between 8 and 10 hours. And most positions require being on a computer. Studies have shown sitting at work all day can lead to:

The easiest way to combat these health problems is by giving workers the option to stand. Some offices have tried switching to standing desks exclusively, removing the option to sit. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why employees cannot stand for a full 8 hours, just as they shouldn’t sit all day either. The compromise? AMQ sit-to-stand desks from Bern! Workers can easily switch between sitting and standing depending on their health and abilities.

Bern Office Systems has new and used task chairs to go with our selection of sit-to-stand desks. The chairs are ergonomically designed so your workers will continue to be healthy and comfortable while seated.

We offer brand new furniture for affordable prices, including:

Revitalizing Waukesha Office Space with New Furniture

Sit-to-stand Desks by AMQ SolutionsNew technology has added to the convenience of using sit-to-stand furniture. All of the ACTIV and ILINE workstations are equipped with motors for easy height adjustment. Older standing desks have to be manually adjusted, often leading to knocked over monitors and spilled coffee cups. The quiet and powerful AMQ Solutions motor does all the work for you.

Newer desks come with LED displays. Customized settings let you personalize the height of each station. Shorter employees won’t have to stand on tiptoe while tall employees won’t be forced to stoop over. Everyone can be comfortable while standing at work.

How do standing desks compare to cubicles?

There are some similarities between cubicles and standing desks. Both were developed to improve workplace comfort, though in different ways. Cubicles provide privacy and organization to workspaces. Standing desks directly benefit employees by giving them healthier work conditions. It’s no surprise some standing desks are compatible with cubicle designs. Optional partitions can combine all the health benefits of standing desks with the privacy provided by cubicles. Bern Boys sells new cubicles along with our standing desks. 

Standing at Milwaukee WorkRacine Offices Expand with Standing Desks

Many businesses are limited by size. With new construction and remodeling being expensive, switching to sit-to-stand furniture is an affordable way to increase your office space. Standing desks open up your office vertically, giving you more floor space and reducing clutter. ACTIV Sit-to-Stand table, ACTIV Height Adjustable Benching, and the ILINE Data Beam from AMQ Solutions are all available from Bern Boys.

Many temporary standing desks have to be installed separate from the sitting unit. As a result, your office can becomes crowded from workers having two separate workstations. By using AMQ Solutions, Bern Boys offers the ultimate two-in-one desk capable of going from sitting to standing and vice versa without taking up additional space.

Accessorize Your Office with Bern Boys!

Not only are sit-to-stand desks good for employees, they make your office look great too! AMQ Solutions has different colors and variations of standing desks. Color coordinate or mix it up! Bern Boys will help you decorate your office interior to match your new furniture.

Ergonomic KeyboardOur Milwaukee showroom has many accessories to add to your new workstations. Fold-out keyboards, storage units, and filing cabinets will make your remodeled office more efficient and organized than ever. Pieces from our used furniture collection are lightly used and at a far lower cost. Bern Boys will help you find the right furniture pieces at the right price.

Use Standing Desks to Modernize Your Milwaukee Office

For many employees, having the option to stand is the first step in getting into better shape. Having desks which can be used for sitting or standing gives everyone an advantage. And a modern office will make your business more attractive to prospective employees. Visit the Bern Boys showroom to see our full selection of standing and sit-to-stand furniture.

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