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How Often Should Office Furniture Be Replaced?

Milwaukee Office Manager Replacing Furniture

Milwaukee Furniture Experts Recommend Regular Replacements

Your business has been operating in the Milwaukee area for decades. Should you have the same office chairs and desks you started with? The answer is NO! Cubicles, chairs, and other office furnishings should be replaced every 7 to 10 years at a minimum. Bern Office Systems offers Milwaukee businesses affordable new furniture pieces to update old and outdated office layouts.

How Can I Know it’s Time to Replace Office Chairs or Desks?

If you have to ask about replacement furniture, you’ve probably already noticed issues with your current office furniture. Maybe workers are complaining about uncomfortable chairs or you’ve started to spot signs of wear and tear on cubicle walls.

The biggest sign it’s time to replace? Look for:

Any of these signs of aging will stand out like a sore thumb to your clients and business partners. High quality furniture can last more than a decade with proper care. Cheaper furniture can fall apart after only a few years of high use. Make sure you get the best combination of quality and affordability with furniture from Bern in Milwaukee.

Satisfied Milwaukee Manager Buying New Furniture

Budget-Friendly Office Furniture Showroom in Milwaukee

The Bern Boys office furniture showroom in Milwaukee is full of new and used desks, cubicles, chairs, and more. Our experts are ready to provide your office furniture solutions within your budget. Visit our showroom to shop our extensive selection of brand name:

Replacing your old furniture is the perfect opportunity to revitalize your business. New chairs and workstations can help reenergize workers who may have fallen into an uninspired rut. And your business partners will appreciate the care new furniture shows for your business.

After you decide on your new furniture, we’ll deliver and install it for you. You’ll save plenty of time and get to come in to a finished office.

Contact Bern Boys today to shop for replacement office furniture in Milwaukee.