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9 Tips to Keep Your Milwaukee Office Cool This Summer

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Summer at the office can be miserable for workers. They’re stuck indoors while the weather is nice or distracted by plans of upcoming vacations. Worse, sweltering heat reduces their productivity and raises your energy bills. Milwaukee’s Bern Boys will help your office stay cool this summer with these convenient tips.

Save Energy, Save Money

Milwaukee Office FanTurn off electronics. Make sure all computers are turned off when not in use. While it might be annoying to wait for it to start up, leaving a computer on takes a lot of energy and creates extra heat. If your employees leave at 5 in the evening and come back at 9 in the morning, that means their computer would have been running for an additional 16 hours.  Multiply this by every employee and you’ll get a better idea of just how much energy is being wasted at your office.

Check your HVAC. Depending on your office building, you might not be in control of the temperature settings of your office. Consider getting automatic heating/cooling for your office. And check your doors and windows during the day to make sure they’re closed. If an air conditioner is running, leaving a door propped open will make the system work harder, even if it does provide a light breeze.

Stop sunlight. Use blinds and window shades to reduce heat from direct sunlight. Tinted, see-through films can be applied directly to the window, allowing workers to still enjoy the view on sunny days. There is another benefit to blocking the sun: longer lasting décor and furniture. Exposure to sunlight can cause fabric colors to fade over time, making your new office chairs look dull and worn. Our remanufactured office furniture is all beautifully restored for years of continued use.

Change Up Your Office

Go green. Not only will you save energy with green office products, you’ll reduce the heat put out by these products. Try converting your office to paperless. Start with one day a week being paper-free, and then expand to a week, a month, and a year, seeing how far you can go without paper. You’ll save on printing costs and paper waste. Other ways to go green include replacing your current computers with more energy efficient models, using LED lights, and adding plants around the office. Our vast cubicle selection includes many workstations designed for increased energy efficiency and organization.

Get automatic lights. Is there a room at your office no one ever seems to use? Motion activated lights will keep energy waste down when rooms are empty. Bathrooms, kitchens, and breakrooms are ideal places for these lights.

Create effective workspaces. Spacious cubicles and high-quality desks from Bern Office Systems will help open up your office space for better energy efficiency. Many Milwaukee business owners don’t even realize how crowed, cluttered workstations can raise energy usage during summer. If your office isn’t organized, you might have file cabinets blocking vents, making your office hotter.  Call Bern Boys today to learn more about how our office space planning services will make your office more energy efficient.

Keep Employees Cool

Office Fruit SnackFruit for a natural cool. Encourage employees to eat fruit during the day. Fresh fruit will help hydrate workers, keeping them energized and refreshed. Even the basic act of chewing will keep employees focused. More alert workers means more work gets done.

Adjust your dress code. While shorts might not always be professional, your workers will be grateful for a break from the heat. Allowing your employees more variety in the summer will help them stay cool and comfortable during the day. Suggest they wear cotton or linen clothes, as these natural materials keep you cool. Or start a casual Friday and go from there. Just make it clear what is and isn’t acceptable summer attire.

Let employees work from home. Telecommuting is easier than ever with email and instant messages. If your workers don’t have to physically be at the office, let them stay home once in a while! This will help them save on gas and help you save on your energy bill for the day.

There are many ways to save this summer thanks to Bern Office Systems. Our new, used, and remanufactured office furniture is just one way to help your workers enjoy summer.

Contact Bern Boys today for more Milwaukee office summer savings today!