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Office Furniture Solutions by Industry

Law Firm Conference Room Furniture

Get the Right Furniture for Your Business

At Bern Boys, we know there’s a huge difference between the furniture needs of a small family-run business and a large national chain. Our furniture experts have worked with all types of industries, providing affordable office design solutions for all of them. Start with our expert interior design and space planning to maximize your office space. Get started improving your business with Bern Boys.

Furniture By Industry

Software Production and IT Solutions

Internet technology and software development are growing fields in Milwaukee. With workers being stuck behind multiple monitors for hours, it’s important to make the office comfortable. Standing desks are very popular in IT departments so employees can stretch throughout the day.

Law Firms

A shabby office won’t inspire much confidence in clients. Bern Boys provide high quality executive office furniture and conference room tables to show you’re clients your firm is the real deal. We have affordable used furniture which looks just as good as new for a fraction of the price.

Banks and Financial Institutions

A bank has to be the right blend of furniture to assure clients their finances are well protected. Cluttered desks are a security risk. New storage cabinets and cupboards from Bern Boys solve this problem. Old and worn furniture will make your establishment appear too run down for high level banking. Our furniture refurbishing service restores furniture to like new conditions.

Human Services

Workers in human services often deal with visitors throughout the day. They need to have comfortable conference rooms and meetings areas for their guests. Our wide selection of office chairs are just what you need. Save even more by shopping our used chairs or having your current furniture refurbished.


Educators at all levels need quality furniture to best provide for their students. Teachers can spend hours at their desks each day going over papers or meeting with parents. School office workers handling financial aid and transcripts need a safe place to store their documents. The Bern office furniture showroom in Milwaukee has all the secure and durable desks education workers could ever dream of.


Most medical centers have specialized furniture in the exam rooms. Yet the furniture in the reception and waiting areas are just as important. Give patients a warm welcome with our furniture. Bern space planning service will maximize the amount of space in your lobby area.

Small Businesses

A small business can look big with the right furniture combination. Impress your investors with a well put together office designed by our experts. Bern carries used furniture for every part of your new company, from break areas to executive offices.

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