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Top 5 Office Design Trends for 2020

Bring In the New Year with an Office Update



Milwaukee Office Needs an Ergonomic Upgrade To help you prioritize your business needs, we've broken down the top office trends for 2020 based on efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. Not every office can have a fridge filled with fancy snacks, yoga mats in the breakroom, or open-concept workspaces, but adding a little 2020 spice to the workplace landscape can go a long way in employee retention and overall morale. Check out these popular and functional furniture trends for your Milwaukee office.




1. Ergonomic Furniture for Workspaces

There's an art to sitting—the body needs variety, and joints should maintain an angle that doesn't overwork them. Office furniture has evolved over time to consider the amount of time the user holds a position, and with 40-60 hour work-weeks, it's more important than ever. Newer models are designed by ergonomic experts that study posture and stress. Bern offers the latest in ergonomic work desks, standing desks, chairs, and more


2. Office, but Make it Domestic

More offices are adding comfortable lounge areas where employees can meet for discussion, take their breaks, or move from the desk to the sofa with laptops or tablets.  Just looking at a comfy chair makes the office more inviting and casual. Customers also notice the vibe, and feel they can trust a company that values a little bit of comfort. Making the color of the office pop is also trending, and furniture is a great way to add an expressive quality to workspaces. 

   Trendy Ergonomic Office Furniture in MilwaukeeComfortable office furniture in Waukesha

3. Put a Plant on It

Who doesn't like a good office plant? While it might collect dust in the corner, it's also symbolic of growth, life, and prosperity—all things your office is working towards in 2020. Bonus points if your office plant isn't made of polyester, double bonus if it hangs from the ceiling. Want to consider the decor as you redesign the layout? Bern will work with you to get the best office on any budget, helping to redesign and optimize your space so you can focus on the little things.

Hanging plants in trendy office in Brookfield Cute plant in colorful trendy office Milwaukee


4. Cubicles are making a Comeback

It's 2020. We want open-concept office spaces, but we also want our privacy. Cubicles are the white bread of office furniture—simple, reliable, familiar, and perfect for sandwiches. Cubicles have a lot to offer offices, especially when it comes to versatility and mobility. Bern specializes in both new and used cubicles, including cubicles with doors, stand-up desks or standing workstations, and remanufactured and restored office partitions. There's nothing wrong with sticking with what works and what's classic. Check out our most popular cubicle options or contact us for more information

 Modern Cubicles in Wauwatosa office


5. Furniture for Collaborative Spaces

While an entirely open-concept kitchen might be a good idea, an office typically needs more tactful reasoning to tear down walls. However, collaborative meeting spaces and conference rooms are on the rise—who doesn't like a solid conference table? How about a collaborative whiteboard? Coming together helps to improve brainstorming and workflow in the office. To design with your collaborative spaces in mind, check out the furniture at Bern, or contact us about tables, desks, and chairs for your office. 

Furniture for an open office work space and conference areaImprove office workflow with ergonomic furniture