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Purchase Sit Stand Furniture for Your Milwaukee Office

RightAngle Levante TableRightAngle Ergonomic Product keyboard trays were first designed to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurring at the workplace. As a result, their furniture pieces are all made to be comfortable and functional. Now, they have a full range of height adjustable chairs and desks to promote full body health in workers.

For Milwaukee business owners interested in buying RightAngle products, Bern Office Systems is the place to go. Our showroom is full of RightAngle products and accessories for transforming your office into an ergonomic haven.

Height Adjustable Desks

RightAngle height adjustable desks have automatic controls to move workers between a sitting and standing position. Crank operated versions are also available, as are fixed height standing desks. The NewHeights collection includes open designs and modesty panels. Desks can lift between 25 up to 300 lbs. There is also an adjustable height mobile workstation for employees on the go.

Ergonomic Accessories

Keyboard trays and monitor holders keep the desktop from being cluttered. RightAngle has keyboard trays, hover wall mounts, mouse trays, and cable management systems. All of these accessories keep your workspace organized while providing ergonomic support.

RightAngle Executive Office Furniture

Overall Office Style

Maintaining mental health is just as important as promoting physical wellbeing. Being stuck in an outdated office for 8 or more hours a day can be draining. To keep workers happy, an office has to have a visually appealing style. RightAngle furniture is made to meet the latest design standards.

The height adjustable desks and accessories have many different finishes to match your office style. The chairs have different cushion color options as well. The furniture experts at Bern Boys will help you select the best furniture patterns and combinations for your space.

Contact your Milwaukee furniture experts at Bern Boys to buy RightAngle Ergonomic Products.