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Groupe Lacasse

Award-Winning Office Furniture Systems

Groupe Lacasse Io ChairsGroupe Lacasse is an industry leader in the design, service, and manufacture of high quality office furniture. With over 60 years of experience designing furniture, Groupe Lacasse continues to provide offices with dependable, affordable, and functional casework. Bern Office Systems is your Milwaukee location for Group Lacasse furniture.

Tables and Workstations

Groupe Lacasse tables and workstations are designed to be practical and comfortable. Each worktop has room for everything an employee needs while providing ample leg room. Desks range from tradition L-shape to shared desks fitting up to 6 people at a time. Each casework set has an ageless design to last through years of remodeling.


Many different seating options are available from Groupe Lacasse to meet all your business needs. Couches and ottoman footrests will exude comfort to visitors in lounges and waiting areas. Customizable upholstery lets you control the appearance of your lobby or breakroom.

Employees have a wide range of selection for ergonomic chairs they will be comfortable sitting in during the workday. Many chairs are available with wheels, headrests, and adjustable armrests. Select from fabric or mesh backing.

Panels and Storage Systems

Panels will divide workstations to every employee can have some privacy and be free from distractions. Different sizes and configurations are available for complete customization. Tall panels can have storage added. Office storage containers from Groupe Lacasse include cabinets, drawers, and storage lockers. Even the metal storage lockers are available in colorful finishes to add to the aesthetic of your office.

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