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ESI Ergonomics

Ergonomic Office Furnishings for Sale

ESI Ergonomics has worked to manufacture the most comfortable and ergonomic office furniture in the industry. ESI believes in improving productivity through the comfort and functionality of their affordable office furniture. Bern Office Systems also believes comfort, productivity and cost-efficient prices are of the utmost importance, which is why we offer the ergonomic accessories from ESI.

Sit to Stand and Height Adjustable Tables from ESI Ergonomic

ESI Standing DesksErgonomic offices are turning to sit to stand desk worktops and height adjustable tables to give employees the option to stand during parts of the workday. The sit to stand worktops can be added to a traditional desk to give to raise computer monitors and keyboards to standing heights.

The height adjustable tables operate by crank, electric, or pneumatic power. Unlike other adjustable workstations, there are many surface configurations available. Larger worktops have room for multiple monitors and keyboards.

ESI Ergonomic Keyboard Trays and Monitor Displays

Keyboard trays from ESI Ergonomics prevent carpal tunnel syndrome for workers who spend most of the day typing. They also free up space on the desktop for other equipment like phones and printers.

Monitor arms hold up computer and TV screens in adjustable positions. Employees can quickly move their monitors to more comfortable heights when sitting or standing. They can also turn the screens to prevent glares.

If you are interested in making your office more ergonomic, call Bern Boys for a quote on ESI Ergonomic Solutions furniture.

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