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FireKing Safe & Cash Management Office Products in Milwaukee

Protect Your Business Files Against the Unexpected with Bern Office Systems

The safest office products are manufactured by FireKing, a company dedicated to helping distributors like Bern Office Systems supply their customers with resources built for protecting files and cash. With more than 50 years of experience manufacturing products, FireKing is a popular manufacturer known for protecting companies’ vital assets. Their main focus is on:

The founder of the company is credited for inventing the fireproof safe in 1899, so when you buy office security products from FireKing, you know their products are coming from a place where ingenuity and quality are more than tradition – it’s literally the foundation of their brand.

Office Safe from FireKing

FireKing Office Cash Boxes, Files & Safes

Cubicles and standing desks are great for keeping employees focused during the work day and healthy during their career, yet there is more to workplace safety than people. FireKing creates products with the specific focus of protecting your most important documents and cash so you won’t be starting from scratch in the event of fire or flood.

FireKing Asset Protection Office Products

Fire and Water Chests Personal Alarms
Data Safes Record Safes
Fire & Water Proof Humidors Composite Burglary & Fire Safes
Fireproof Storage Cabinets Fireproof File Cabinets
Light Weight Waterproof Travel Humidors Cash & Key Management Products
Fire & Water Resistant Safes Specialty Safes

Workplace disasters happen, but you don’t have to experience a complete loss when they hit. Plan ahead with FireKing office products at Bern Office Systems and order your fireproof and water resistant safes, file cabinets and chests from us today! The future of your business is in your hands, are you prepared for the worst?

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