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Modern Office Furniture Products for Sale

Safco Scoot DeskSafco manufactures office furniture meant to work with the changing needs of today’s office environments. The office furniture from Safco ensures comfort and innovative organization at cost-efficient prices. Bern Office Systems offers Safco office furniture to provide the Milwaukee office furniture industry with affordable and unique solutions which work in any work environment.

Safco Active Promotes Healthy Workers

The Safco Active line is full of unique furniture pieces to encourage exercise while working. They have sit-to-stand desks, chairs, and specially-designed leaning/perching seating.

Leaning and perching seats are designed to reduce pressure on the spine than sitting or standing. These portable seats can go wherever you go and can even be used outdoors. The angle can be adjusted based on comfort and support. When paired with a standing desk, your workers will get more than enough opportunities to avoid sitting during the workday.

Traditional Furniture with Modern Updates

If the Active line isn’t right for you, there are plenty of traditional desks, tables, and chairs available from Safco. There is still a focus on ergonomic design, with plenty of keyboard trays, footrests, and backrests. Chairs with or without backs encourage good posture.

Wheel mounted tables and desks make reorganizing the office simple. Worktops have different shapes and dimensions to fit where you need them. Stop by our showroom to see all the different options and try out some Safco furniture for yourself.

Contact Bern Boys in Milwaukee to order Safco furniture or visit our showroom.