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Buy JSI, Community, and Klem Furniture in Milwaukee

JSI (Jasper) Bravado Furniture SetJasper Group includes 3 furniture brands: JSI, Community, and Klem. Each of the three has a different focus. JSI is for business interiors, Community is for public spaces, and Klem is based around hospitality. Bern Boys offers all Jasper Group furniture brands at our Milwaukee showroom.

JSI – Business Interior Furniture

Focusing on business interior furniture, JSI designs chairs, tables, and adjustable height workstations for office use. Their products include desks and workstations for private offices, open floor concepts, and reception lobbies. Their wide range of task chairs will keep employees comfortable throughout the workday.

Community – Public Space Furniture

The public space furniture designed by Community primarily includes tables and chairs. Matching sets are perfect for setting up a welcoming lobby or comfortable waiting room. Community also makes specially sized chairs and tables for children. This furniture is perfect for waiting rooms of pediatricians, daycares, and schools.

Klem – Hospitality Furniture

Kelm furniture is mostly designed for hotel, motel, and resort rooms. However, they also design chairs for lounges and reception areas.

Whether you need furniture for your corporate office or public storefront, the Jasper Group furniture collection at Bern Boys will do the job. We have new, used, and remanufactured office furniture for all of your office needs.

Contact Bern Boys or visit our showroom in Milwaukee to see Jasper Group office furniture for sale.