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Purchase Claridge Communication Products for Your Brookfield Office

Claridge Dry Erase MarkerboardIn business for more than 60 years, Claridge creates everything an office could need to succeed. Their visual communication products and accessories make staying organized a snap. Bern Boys carries Claridge products at our Milwaukee showroom at affordable prices.

Marker Boards

Erasable marker boards give your business a better way to visualize. Available in many sizes, boards can be attached directly to a wall or stand on their own. The marker boards can be customized to fit certain rooms. Frames for the marker boards include a special lip for holding markers and erasers.

Interactive Boards

When you need to transition between brainstorming sessions to important presentations, an interactive board is the way to go. Digital markers can write on the board over a desktop display. A presentation can become fully interactive thanks to this technology. Digital marker lines can be erased with the push of a button.

Tack Boards

Tack boards are an inefficient and visually appealing way to keep tabs on all your most important projects. With a few pins, you can hang up calendars, business cards, phone lists, and regional maps vital to your day-to-day business.

Combine the benefits of a marker board with a tack board with a combination unit.

Contact the office furniture experts of Bern Boys to order Claridge communication products in Milwaukee.