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Repair Your Office Furniture and Save

Unisource Storage UnitWhen a piece of furniture breaks at your office, you do not have to buy brand new furniture to replace it. Instead, you can purchase OEM compatible replacement parts by Unisource. Bern Office Systems works with Unisource to bring replacement parts to Milwaukee area businesses.

Big Savings with Small Replacements

Established in 1992, Unisource has always been about helping customers get the most out of their office furniture. Broken chairs and desks are part of office life. Since buying new furniture is expensive, Unisource keeps costs down by giving customers a way to repair their broken products. This cost effective solution means you get to spend more time working and less time shopping.

Along with replacement parts, Unisource also offers lighting and organizational products for offices. A line of LED lights keep offices bright while reducing energy bills.

If your furniture is damaged beyond repair, visit the Bern Office System showroom to see new and used office furniture at affordable prices.


If you need replacement parts of office furniture, contact Bern Boys of Milwaukee today.