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Affordable Office Furniture from Cherryman Industries New and used office furniture from Cherryman Industries in Milwaukee

Cherryman Industries is a benchmark in providing sustainable, dependable furniture. Their innovative designs and bar-setting engineering produce some of the more affordable, reliable furniture on the market. Bern Boys proudly partners with Cherryman and other manufacturers to provide the best office furniture solutions in Milwaukee.

New & Used Office Desks

Cherryman offers a variety of desk styles and colors to suit any office. Cherryman desk options include: 

From the office floor to executive offices, Cherryman provides the ideal workspace for every worker. 

Conference Tables

From large, 10-person groups to 3-4 person confabs, Cherryman's conference room tables provide the perfect space for any meeting. Cherryman conference room tables come directly from their product lines, allowing the conference room to complement the office space. Purchase a large table for a one-size-fits-all collaboration, or install multiple tables to encourage productivity in dynamic settings.

Cherryman Emerald Conference Table and Chairs

Office Chairs

Cherryman’s Eon chairs are designed to match with any of their table or workstation lines. They have task, conference, and side chairs available. All have adjustable heights and arm rests for ergonomic support, along with a sliding seat.

Used Office Furniture from Cherryman 

Bern Boys provides new and used Cherryman furniture to offices across Milwaukee. Our affordable prices and unparalleled customer service makes us Milwaukee's choice for premium office furniture. From office design to furniture installation, Bern Boys has it all. 


To purchase Cherryman office furniture in Milwaukee, contact Bern Boys today.