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More Furniture Manufacturers for Milwaukee Businesses

Executive Office Furntiture

Find Out Why Our Partners Are the Best

Berns Office Systems only wants the best for our clients. Over the years, we have partnered with the best Wisconsin and Midwest furniture manufacturers to bring the best and most affordable office furniture to you. Each brand we partner with has unique benefits for any company in the market to buy new or used office furniture.


One of our many proud partners, ABCO offers unique office furniture available in corporate colors. No more do you have to settle for black chairs at a gray desk. Liven up your office for once!  Bern Office System office planners can even assist you in selecting colors to keep your office organized. Envelope sales in red to encourage passionate sales, or try a calming blue for the tech department. With color, there are endless possibilities for brightening up your office environment with ABCO workstations, desks, chairs, and executive furniture.

ERGO Contract Furniture

Just like Bern Office Systems, ERGO Furniture is dedicated to the highest quality products for your office. Their chairs, desks, and workstations are all made with comfort and ergonomic support in mind. If an employee is happy and comfortable, they are more likely to increase their work output. ERGO has a patented line of workstations designed to convert from sitting to standing, allowing your workers to stretch out throughout the day and stay motivated.ERGO has a line of chairs suitable from the executive office to a conference room to your guest lobby. They even have monitor arms for more mobility with your computer setup.


Protecting your office from emergencies is important. With Fireking office products from Bern Office Systems, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your company has the best products available. You will find a wide variety of fireproof file cabinets, safes, and other pieces of office equipment. Should a fire start in your office, your valuable documents will be protected in their Fireking cabinet. Some safes are also water resistant to further protect your files from flood and storm damage.If your office has to handle petty cash or money deposits, Fireking storage will keep it under lock and key.

Right Angle

For a more ergonomically minded office, Right Angle products are just right. Offering everything from chairs and workstations to keyboard and monitor drawers, your company will be in great shape with this Bern Office Systems partner. The new Hover Helium is any easy way to adjust the height of your monitor for either standing or sitting computer work.


Have a great set of office furniture and experiencing some problems? Unisource is where Bern Office System turns to replace broken or missing parts of your furniture. Their parts come in industry standard colors to better match your furniture set. With Bern Office Systems used and remanufactured work stations, additional parts are sometimes a necessity.

At Bern Office Systems, we are determined to bring you only the best office furniture from the best manufacturers. Stop by our Milwaukee showroom to see our selection for yourself.

Contact Bern Office Systems interior design experts for more information on our manufacturing partners.