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Furniture Supplies for School Environments

Smith System Multimedia FurnitureSmith System manufactures simple yet innovative work stations for schools and businesses. Every piece of furniture is carefully designed to promote health, comfort, and productivity while working. Most commonly found in schools, Bern Office Systems of Milwaukee recommends these desks and chairs for businesses.

Colorful Chairs and Desks

Smith System desks and tables stand out thanks to bright colors. There are color options for the worktop laminate, edges, and frame. Even the table legs and casters have a dash of color. While intended for schools, these unique workstations are perfect for creating a collaborative environment at your workplace. Tables can be combined to create a larger workspace and there’s always room to pull up another chair.

There are many styles of desk available, including some with storage, adjustable heights, and rolling casters. These rolling desks can be easily moved around when it’s time to rearrange the office. Tech desks include outlets and keyboard trays to keep all your computer appliances in place.

Long Lasting Office Furniture for a Green Environment

Smith System furniture is designed to last longer and perform better than similar furniture pieces. They require fewer replacements over the years, saving money and the environment. Bern Office Systems is happy to have Smith Systems products in our always expanding inventory.

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