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Named for the Potawatomi word for firefly, the Wauwatosa area has become a key edge to Milwaukee businesses with large retail and commercial appeal. Located just a short drive west through the Menomonee River Valley from our Bern Office Systems location, we provide all of our office furniture solutions. Allow the Bern Boys to help your business and continue our traditional customer service by meeting all of your new or used furniture needs. An improvement in office interior design can promote workflow and put your Wauwatosa company on the right track.

Timely Office Furniture Delivery

Bern Office Systems offers office furniture delivery services that guarantee a hassle-free experience. Our team makes sure your furniture is safely transported and delivered on time, allowing you to transform your workspace promptly.

Transformative Office Furniture Assembly

Our office furniture assembly services are synonymous with attention to detail, as we carefully integrate every piece. Backed by our professionals, we bring your office furniture to life, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing work environments that inspire productivity.

Proficient Office Furniture Installers

Bern Office Systems' office furniture installers bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. We transform furniture setups into inspiring environments that optimize production and comfort.

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New Wauwatosa Office Furniture

Bern Office Systems offers some of the most reliable furniture in the area at a budget-friendly price. If you are a small business looking to revamp your office setting for your employees or add a conference table for all of your team meetings, come take a look at our wide range of new office furniture.

New Cubicles for Sale in Wauwatosa


Upgrade your office's old, thin cubicle walls for sturdier models that much better at reducing noise and other distractions in the workplace. New cubicle layouts can drastically increase your workplace efficiency by improving your employees' personal spaces.

New Office Desks for Sale in Wauwatosa

Office Desks

Nothing motivates a hard worker more than a brand new desk from a trusted manufacturer. Enjoy all the comforts of a modern desk when you shop at Bern Boys: unique style, customization, and plenty of storage space, all for an incredibly low price.

New Chairs for Sale in Wauwatosa

Office Chairs

If you're going to be seated for your 8-hour shift every day, the quality of your chair becomes a major factor in your overall health. See our article on chair safety tips to optimize your health in an office setting.

New Standing Desks for Sale in Wauwatosa

Standing Desks

Improve your health along with your efficiency by investing in a standing desk today! Being able to adjust your desk height can greatly increase productivity and reduce health problems caused by long periods of inactivity.


High-Quality Used Furniture

Our selection of used office furniture is in such great shape that you'd easily mistake them for brand new. Remember, "used" simply means "pre-owned," and we make sure everything we carry meets our high quality standards. Get the best of both worlds - high-quality furniture for an amazing price - at Bern Boys today!

Used Office Supplies for Sale in Wauwatosa

Office Supplies

Grab some fully functional filing cabinets and storage compartments for your office setup. Protect your valuable information and your privacy with our affordable safes and partitions.

Used Cubicles for Sale in Wauwatosa


Need to set up some office space while on a budget? Our used cubicles are the perfect solution! Provide some personal space for your employees at an affordable rate with Bern Boys' used cubicles.

Used Desks for Sale in Wauwatosa

Office Desks

Change out your old, clunky desk with a used office desk in great condition. Enjoy all the perks of a brand new desk without having to pay its full price!

Used Office Chairs for Sale in Wauwatosa

Office Chairs

Tired of stiff muscles from sitting in a lousy office chair? Swap it out for a high-quality used chair from Bern Boys today! We're sure to have something that's easy on your back - and your wallet!


Best Furniture Deals in Wauwatosa

In every situation, our office furniture experts ensure your Wauwatosa office looks clean and professional. The service and experience we bring to your office are sure to impress potential clients and create an efficient workspace for your employees. The Bern Office Systems professionals can provide your Wauwatosa business with a detailed plan at the best possible price with quick and easy installation.

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