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Named for the Potawatomi word for firefly, the Wauwatosa area has become a key edge to Milwaukee businesses with large retail and commercial appeal. Located just a short drive west through the Menomonee River Valley from our Bern Office Systems location, we provide all of our office furniture solutions. Allow the Bern Boys to help your business continue our traditional customer service by providing all of your new or used furniture needs.  An improvement of office interior design can promote work flow and continue your Wauwatosa company’s journey on the path of growth.

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No matter what requirements are necessary, our office furniture experts will be able ensure your Wauwatosa office will look professional and high quality. The service and experience we bring to your business will not only impress potential clients or customers, but create a space that can be used most effectively by your employees. The Bern Office Systems professionals can provide your Wauwatosa business with a detailed plan while at the best possible price which can be installed quickly.

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