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Recognized as a leading provider of office furniture services in the Milwaukee area, Bern Office Systems brings the same high-quality experience to the New Berlin business community. In just the last 30 years, the New Berlin Industrial Center has expanded to three separate business parks to accommodate the growing number of businesses and employees. As the industrial park continues to grow into more and more diverse fields, the professionals at Bern Office Systems continue to cater to the New Berlin businesses' needs. Let us help you exemplify the community’s growth and attitude with our office furniture and interior design services.

Efficient Office Furniture Delivery

The office furniture delivery services at Bern Office Systems demonstrate timeliness and reliability, as we guarantee that your workstation receives quality components without disturbance. We deliver convenience and usefulness right to your business door.

Meticulous Office Furniture Assembly

Bern Office Systems is proud to provide extensive office furniture assembly services, which transform creative thoughts into real-life workspaces. We guarantee an effortless blend of design and utility.

Knowledgeable Office Furniture Installers

Our office furniture installers at Bern Office Systems provide their skills to every installation assignment. We transform workplace spaces into visually appealing environments by paying close attention to detail. Our team makes sure every item of furniture contributes to the creation of a productive workspace that is customized to your specific requirements.

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Bern Office Systems Affordable New Berlin Furniture

We offer a broad range of furniture for you to choose from at a budget-friendly price. Whether you're replacing outdated chairs and desks or looking for a conference room table for your team meetings, we're sure to have exactly what you need.

New Chairs for Sale in New Berlin

Office Chairs

Don't settle for creaky old chairs for your day-to-day work life! You deserve a seat that's comfortable and provides sufficient back support. Browse our suite of new office chairs, fresh from our trusted manufacturers.

New Cubicles for Sale in New Berlin


We know all too well the danger cubicle culture imposes on productivity. Thankfully, we also know how to fix it! Our brand new cubicles are much sturdier and taller than older models, which significantly reduces distractions in the workplace - a solid investment for any office.

New Office Desks for Sale in New Berlin

Office Desks

Liven up your office with brand new desks from Bern Boys. Find a model that has all the surface or storage space you need and fits the decor of your workspace.

New Standing Desks for Sale in Wauwatosa

Standing Desks

Keep your blood circulation going throughout your workday by investing in a new standing desk. They're a great way to avoid complacency and lethargy in an office setting, which can become real issues. Stay proactive in your health with a standing desk from Bern Boys!


Used Furniture in Great Condition

Come take a look at how well we maintain our inventory of used office furniture. You don't have to sacrifice quality for price with us - you get the best of both worlds on everything you shop for!

Used Desks for Sale in New Berlin

Office Desks

Find the perfect desk for an amazing price from our selection of used office desks. You'd hardly be able to tell the difference between new and used (except the price tag). Start saving with a high-quality desk from Bern Boys today!

Used Cubicles for Sale in New Berlin


With our inventory of used cubicles, you can give your employees the space they need at a great price. Our cubicles are kept in great condition and we'd be more than happy to help you design your office floorplan.

Used Office Supplies for Sale in New Berlin

Office Supplies

For some additional privacy and security, take a look at our selection of used partitions and filing cabinets for your office. We make sure to stock everything an office would need, so don't hesitate to come see all of the things we have in store at our Milwaukee showroom.

Used Office Chairs for Sale in New Berlin

Office Chairs

At Bern Boys, you're guaranteed to find an office chair that's sturdy, comfortable, affordable and in great condition. Sound too good to be true? Not for us! Browse our inventory of used chairs to find the one that's right for you.


Best New Berlin Furniture Deals

If you are trying to expand your office and give it a new image or want to provide your employees with a more efficient workspace, our office furniture professionals can find a solution within your budget. Allow us to transform your New Berlin office workspace into an extension of your company’s commitment to excellence. Finish off your office expansion by installing new or used furniture that creates a productive environment for your company and employees.

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