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Milwaukee's Office Furniture Supplier Eases the Transition of Office Relocation

Office Moving Assistance

It’s an exciting time for your company. You’ve secured new premises and are gearing up to move. The new facility will finally have enough room for all the new hires and give the executives private offices. There’s just one thing missing – a place to sit.

In the jumble to take care of closing costs and leases it’s easy to forget about furnishing your new facility. Bern Office Systems is ready to help smooth things out with over seven decades of experience selling, moving and installing new and used office furniture for Milwaukee area businesses. Here are some tips we’ve found along the way and are ready to share some with you.

A Stress-Free Start to Your Office Move

Get an Upgrade with New Office Furniture

While it’s possible to move your current office furniture to your new facility, you lose precious time. Having the new office completely set up lets your business hit the ground running. We have brand name manufacturers to upgrade your new office with all new chairs, desks, and cubicles.

The logistics of a move are expensive, so save with like-new, pre-owned office furniture. Remanufactured office furniture of brand name quality will look and function just as well as if they were new. Set up a board room with all leather chairs or have a matching table and chair set in your waiting room to impress clients and customers.

It’s much harder to rearrange furniture after getting settled in, so learn the best configuration for your needs. Bern Office Systems can help you plan how to arrange your furniture and even help you move with minimized work interruptions.

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