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Office Interior SolutionsThe way your office looks and how it is arranged says a lot to your clients, customers, and employees. There’s more to it than just hanging a few paintings on the wall and dusting the blinds every week. From the paint on the wall to the floor beneath your feet, Bern Office Systems knows what it takes to design an office that enhances employee productivity and happiness while also reflecting your company’s culture to prospective customers.

Our Milwaukee office furniture installation specialists are dedicated to providing you the best options for your office space. We find innovative and cost-effective solutions for your specific office interior needs.  Whether you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of a small business office or improve the functionality of a large office complex, Bern Office Systems is your comprehensive Milwaukee office furniture company.

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Complete Office Solutions for Waukesha Area Companies

Standing Desks in OfficeFrom moving and assembling your office furniture to accessorizing, Bern Office Systems can help you with every aspect of your office interior design. We do everything; from the installation and reconfiguration of your new office furniture to the organization and spacing of your Milwaukee remanufactured workstations or used office furniture. Our team of office furniture installers always find a way to meet your office set up needs. When you work with our family owned Milwaukee office furniture business, you can work directly with the owners. You’ll  feel like part of the family thanks to our personalized approach.

Far too many office workers are unhappy with their current workplace, in part because of a poorly designed interior. They dread going to the same office day after day and it begins to affect the quality of their work. Some blame this on cubicle culture, yet the cubicles are hardly to blame. With the office interior experts at Bern, your office will be transformed and your workers revitalized. Even a small change to the paint or flooring can make an astounding difference to overall productivity and happiness.

Furniture for Customer Facing Environments

Milwaukee Office LobbyWhen your business has customers coming in daily, you need an interior which will impress them. This is most true for lobbies, waiting rooms, and conference centers. However, all customer facing areas should have appropriate décor.

Along with décor, we provide lobby furniture:

The right office interior do half the work for you. Customers will see your organized office as a sign you know how to do business. This can help them decide you are the company to work with.

Affordable Office Furnishings throughout SE Wisconsin

At our Milwaukee furniture showroom, we have a large display of office furniture in a variety of configurations. You can see firsthand the difference a proper computer desk can make or test out an ergonomic chair.

Your office interior should reflect your style. Bern Boys offers sit-to-stand desks and workbenches in a variety of styles and colors. Even the privacy screens separating cubicles are available in a different colors to keep the workplace bright. Your workers no longer have to be stuck with traditional gray workstations.

Select the Right Colors with Milwaukee’s Office Furniture Experts

There are countless ways to improve office productivity. One of the most surprising is based on the colors found around your workplace. Using different paints, carpets, and furniture textures can all have an impact on how well employees are able to work. The interior designers of Bern Boys will give you advice on selecting the right colors for your business.

Consider who will be using the workspace before picking a color. If you have an executive office which is only used for important meetings, it might be best to go with strong power color. The main office where multiple employees work should have  calming or inspiring colors to keep everyone motivated throughout the day.

Ideal Office Colors

  • Red and Orange: Energy
  • Yellow: Brightness
  • Green: Creativity
  • Blue: Calm
  • White: Openness

Solid vs Accents: The Strength of Color

Blue Standing Desks from AMQ Solutions

While you might want high energy at the office, painting everything red can backfire. Too much of a single color can be overwhelming. The designers at Bern Boys will go through your office to determine where and how much color should be used.

Similarly, the shade of the color can make a difference as well. Pastel pink will evoke very different emotions in your workers and clients than neon pink. Green and blue are the best colors for avoiding distractions without being bland. These colors are best for solid walls while high energy colors are better suited as accents.

Another way to add color to an office is through decorative furniture. Most modern furniture pieces from chairs to standing desks are available in a multitude of colors. Visit our Milwaukee furniture showroom to see our colorful variety for yourself.

No office would be complete without furniture. Bern Boys have a wide selection of new and used pieces all at affordable prices. By working with many different furniture manufacturers, we have the best in high quality desks, chairs, and cubicles. We carry a variety of styles, from colorful cubicles to exquisite executive desks. Stop by our furniture showroom to see for yourself!

Contact our Milwaukee office interior experts today for a professional and functional office setup at available at a cost-efficient price.