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Milwaukee Office ChairsBrand new office chairs from the top Milwaukee office furniture supplier look great, last long, feel wonderful and deliver higher levels of productivity. Whether your company is expanding or renovating, office satisfaction always improves with new furniture. New chairs in particular provide many benefits with modern style and ergonomic designs.

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Bern Office System chairs are suitable for desks and cubicles or conference rooms and executive offices. Visit our Milwaukee showroom to see all the new furniture we have to offer.

The Importance of Ergonomic Seating

With more and more offices relying on computers, it is not uncommon for employees to have to remain seated for extended periods of time. While sitting too long can have negative consequences for office health, the right furniture can keep workers healthy. Specially designed chairs are available to support everything from the spine to joints.

Employees who are comfortable are happier and provide higher quality work. Ergonomically designed chairs reduce the amount of time workers spend adjusting the seat or away from their desk. Matching ergonomic chairs with adjustable desks and workstations can also lead to greater employee health, happiness, and productivity.

Office chair safety tips:

We offer brand new furniture for affordable prices, including:

Chairs for Standing Desks

Ergonomic Conference Room Chairs BrookfieldWhen most people think of ergonomic furniture, they think of the office chair they spend 8-10 hours a day in. Bern Boys now offer a way for employees to get the most out of their new office chairs by offering sit-to-stand desks. Since sitting for more than a few hours at a time can lead to health problems, standing desks are growing more popular at offices throughout Wisconsin.

Sit-to-stand desks give office workers the choice between sitting and standing during the workday. They may even alternate between the two positions. With standing at work offering many health benefits to employees, they should have similar benefits when sitting. As such, it’s important for offices to have ergonomic chairs for when workers want to sit down. Stop by our Milwaukee showroom to see which of our ergonomic chairs will best match your new sit-to-stand furniture.

Chairs for Computer Desks

Computer desks are specially designed to hold all the latest technology used in modern offices. These desks are often larger to provide more surface space. Getting a chair with wheels will increase mobility for employees to reach all corners of their desk. Armrests will also be necessary to provide ergonomic support while typing.

Keyboard trays are often built into computer desks and are located on the underside of the work surface. While this saves space, it can mean an accidental banged knee for your employees if their chairs are too high. Adjustable chairs from Bern Boys will give them freedom to find a comfortable height without losing ergonomic support.

Newly Manufactured Office Chairs in Milwaukee

Waukesha Break Room with ChairsOur top-quality chairs are supplied from manufacturers like 9 to 5 Seating, Safco, Jasper Group or Cherryman to assure only the best for you and your employees. Bern Office Systems has worked for decades to build strong relationships with some of the world’s best office furniture manufacturers. The office chairs we offer are ergonomically designed with a wide selection of fabrics, finishes and colors to match any office décor. They are an excellent blend of comfort and functionality.

We carefully select each supplier ensuring we meet all of your office needs through quality and competitive pricing. Careful selection of office chairs by Milwaukee office designers support a work environment which is efficient, attractive, productive and cost effective.

At Bern Office Systems, we make sure each chair has a comfortable design and pleasant aesthetic. If you can’t sit in it, we won’t stand for it!

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