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New Pewaukee Office Space Planning

New Pewaukee Office Space Planning

Creating Custom Offices throughout Wisconsin

Planning your new office is easier before furniture is moved in. Bern Boys were able to provide some creative solutions for this office layout. Rather than have to deal with furniture everywhere, we were able to visit the empty office to take measurements and ensure all the selected furniture would fit. We even determined the best arrangements for the new cubicles and workstations to prevent clutter and overcrowding.

Our years of experience allowed us to make various suggestions during the furniture selection process. For example, the conference room was proving to be difficult to plan. There needed to be an easy way to convey information during meetings without printing out paper or filling the table with laptops. Our solution was to install two large monitors against the wall. Now, meetings can include all relevant information on easy-to-read screens without wasting paper or space. 

For creative office furniture solutions Milwaukee relies on, contact Bern Office Systems today.