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New Pewaukee Office Space

New Pewaukee Office Space

New Pewaukee Office Space Planning

At Bern Office Systems, we treat your new office with respect during the moving and renovating process. For this Pewaukee office building, this including using protective plastic to protect the carpet from paint and other construction. Our excellent staff left everything cleaner than they had found it, so this new office could really be a fresh start. Without this level of care and precision, the remodel could easily have resulting in scuffed up paint or damaged carpeting from the moving process.

It was important to the business owners that all their employees have equal work stations. The cubicles they eventually decided on were remanufactured and therefore more affordable. With the right amount of planning from Bern Office Systems, they were eventually able to arrange all the cubicles in such a way everyone had equal access to power outlets and phone lines. Arranging work stations to receive equal lighting was also taken into account. With a little foresight, this office was able to give all employees an equal start at their new location.

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