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Spring Clean Your Milwaukee Office!

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Tips to Clear Out Office Clutter

Spring cleaning your Milwaukee area office doesn’t have to be difficult. Bern Office Systems has created some tips to make the cleaning process as simple as possible this spring.

Wipe down monitors and keyboards

If you find yourself constantly dealing with dust at your workstation, it’s time to grab some paper towel and get to work. Wipe down the top of your desk, shelves, and other flat surfaces which might collect dust. Use a general cleaning solution to make it shine.

Microfiber cloth should be used to gently remove fingerprints and dust from your computer screen. To remove crumbs and debris from within your keyboard, use a can of compressed air with a nozzle attachment. You’ll be amazed how much can accumulate in your keyboard.

Disinfect your supplies

New Office Supplies MilwaukeeCold and flu season might be over, yet your workspace might put you at risk for illness. Use disinfecting wipes or sprays on your keyboard, mouse, and on common office equipment from printers to pens. Anything frequently touched by you or your coworkers could be harboring germs which may make you sick.

Organize your files

Are your new projects mixed in with past accounts? Now is the time to separate and strategize with your files. Make the top drawer of your storage cabinet for new or urgent work while the bottom drawer becomes the home for completed projects. Using an ingoing and outgoing tray might seem like a blast from the past, but it works as a way to stay on top of work.

Bern Boys Tip: There are many file cabinets made to fit in cubicles and workstations for convenient file storage options. The experts at the Bern Office Systems showroom in Milwaukee will help you find the right size storage option for your workstation.

Now do the same with your digital files. Rename folders so they remain relevant and are easy to understand. Having six different folders all named some variation of “New Project” will cause a lot of headaches later on. Delete old emails or organize them into folders based on the client, project, or sender to keep your messages in order.

Throw out or delete old work

Now that you’ve sorted through all your files, you’ve probably noticed some incredibly outdated or irrelevant information. Recycle or shred paper documents to make room for newer material. Delete old computer files to open up room on your desktop and hard drive.

Bern Boys Tip: Afraid you might need something from a physical file later? Go digital! Scan papers and save the PDF document to your computer. This lets you recycle old work without losing important information.

If you need to retain digital copies of your work for reference, consider compressing the files to save space on your computer.

Focus on ergonomic reorganization

If you find you’re sore at the end of the workday, now is the time to switch out your uncomfortable chair for an ergonomic cubicle. Most new office chairs are made with ergonomics in mind for improved worker comfort. They have adjustable heights and arm rests to keep the body properly aligned during the long work day.

It’s not just chairs which have ergonomic designs! Cubicles, desks, and workstations now have adjustable features to allow you to stand or sit while you work. Standing for even a few minutes throughout the workday can greatly improve your health and prevent pain and discomfort.

Gather new supplies

Office Supply Testing MilwaukeeIt takes less than a minute to make sure all your pens have ink and your pencils are sharpened. Fill up your stapler and tape dispenser. Get a fresh stack of Post-It notes within reach. Throw out anything which no longer works so you’ll never be caught unprepared again.

Add fresh flowers or a small plant to your workspace

Once the bulk of the cleaning is done, it’s time to go the extra mile. Use fresh flowers or a small plant to add a little color to your cubicle. Replace the flowers when they whither and make sure to water your plants. A little green in the office will go a long way.

Make your office great this spring with help from Bern Boys. Our Milwaukee furniture showroom has all sorts of new and used office supplies to help your business get organized at an affordable price. We do everything from moving your furniture in to interior decorating for rebranding.

For the best in Milwaukee office furniture, contact Bern Office Systems.