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Tax Season Savings with Milwaukee Office Furniture Experts

Wisconsin Business Taxes

Organize Your Office with Bern Boys

Your Wisconsin and federal taxes have been safely filed away and you’re ready to relax for a while. Your workers are stressed from getting all the forms in order and filling in every line and are hoping for a break. Yet you’re not in the clear. Whether you run a new startup or an established corporation, you have to be ready for an audit to keep your business safe. Bern Office Systems has all the organizational equipment you’ll need to keep your information accessible throughout tax season and give you a head start on next year’s filing.

Stay Organized with Secure File Cabinets

Even with increasingly secure office technology, nothing beats the security of having a paper printout when it comes to taxes. Bern Office Systems has new and used file cabinets and other storage options for keeping your important documents safe and in order. One of our many manufacturing partners, Safco, has everything from desktop organizers to modular cabinets capable of fitting into any office setting.

Many of our partner manufacturers specialize in creating secure storage options for sensitive documents. FireKing Security group has an entire line of office products which is both fireproof and waterproof. There are different sizes and styles available to match your office décor while still offering the absolute best in office security. This includes data safes for protecting your digital files as well.

Keep a Backup Copy of Expenditures and Sales

If you track your accounts using online services, makes sure to create backup copies. In the event a server ever fails or a hard drive is wiped, the information will still be protected in the form of the backup. FireKing offers data safes which are able to protect your computer media from temperature and humidity damage.

While waiting to hear from the IRS, store all these documents together for easy access should they be needed in an audit. Having to dig around for each and every report will create a more stressful hassle for employees. A backup will provide a convenient location for all documents, saving you time.

How to Categorize Office Equipment and Supplies

Filling out tax forms can be difficult, especially for new businesses. Knowing which field represents which expense can be daunting, even with a financial advisor. Perhaps one of the most confusing is trying to determine the difference between office equipment and office supplies. Fortunately, Bern Office Systems has the answer:

Office furniture and technology like computers and tablets are usually considered equipment on tax forms. These capital expenditures are categorized differently since they have the ability to last a business for years at a time. Supplies, on the other hand, are typically replaced in less than 1 year. Pens, paper, folders, and similar products would be categorized as supplies.

Depending on your line of business, your equipment or supplies may entitle you to certain deductions. By knowing the difference, you can seek these deductibles.

Reward Your Workers with New Workstations and Chairs

Once all the hard tax work is done, reward your employees by improving their work conditions. Buy new upholstered furniture from HPFI to make conference room meetings more comfortable, or use Jasper Desks to make the office look great. Replacing old, uncomfortable, or outdated furniture is one way to keep your workers happy even when their workload is full.

Sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day is bad for employee health and morale. By improving the appearance of their workstations, you’re showing your employees you care about all their hard work day after day. Ergonomic chairs will keep workers healthy and happy. Donate your old furniture as a benefit for next year's taxes.

Track Deadlines or Face Fines

Depending on which form your business will file, you might have to submit all your tax information by March 15th or have until April 15th.Make sure to check well in advance the rules for applying for an extension. Without an approved extension, filing late may result in costly fines and audits. the right office equipment lets you stay organized and on schedule.

If you’re interested in revitalizing your office furniture after filing your taxes, contact Bern Office Systems today.