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Your Milwaukee Business Supply Store 2016

Family Style Office Furniture Milwaukee

Find New and Used Office Furniture for Your Business Today!

The New Year has started and there’s no better time to buy new and used office furniture from Bern Office Systems in Milwaukee. From completely new interior furniture to new filing cabinets, we have everything you need to revitalize your business for 2016.

New Office Desks for Comfortable Employees

If your employees are among the thousands who made New Year’s resolutions, help them get in shape with brand new ergonomic desks! Modern designs are made with worker health in mind due to a better understanding of ergonomics. There are even adjustable desks which allow employees to stand up while they work, improving their health while on the job.

There are many great accessories for these desks as well. When organized, every worker performs exceptionally well. Our selection of new desks includes drawers and compartments for greater organization. Drawers can even come equipped with locks to protect valuable or important files. Other desks can be customized with separate attachments for keyboard or monitors to provide more surface space.

Used Office Chairs for Sale at Great Prices

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your office is by replacing all your chairs, from the conference room to individual workstations. Residential style furnishings are becoming more and more popular than ever. While this doesn’t mean couches in the conference room, it does make office feel more welcoming to visitors.

Many companies change office décor for marketing reasons or relocation considerations. Their existing furniture is excellent. Bern handles all elements of the sale, giving us access to low-priced used office chairs which are fantastic values. Depending on your office needs, used office chairs from Bern Office Systems can be a great way to affordably expand or restore your existing office.

You can select used chairs which perfectly match your other office furnishings. Sometimes, buying used is the only way to find existing pieces from a discontinued furniture line. Remember, all the furnishings in your office are “used.” Adding some “new” used chairs will work out just fine!

New Office Cubicles to Fit Your Needs

Milwaukee Cubicle 2016There’s much more to modern Milwaukee cubicles than cramped space and gray walls. New cubicles from Bern Boys are full of surprises. We offer different sizes, colors, and styles to match any office. There are even cubicles with their own windows to provide better lighting and a feeling of openness at your workplace.More offices are promoting collaboration by using open-design floor plans. Rather than using small and unappealing cubicles, opt for some modern styles to promote collaboration and conversation between your workers.

New cubicles are designed to address all the necessities of technology. You won’t have to worry about losing work because someone accidentally pulled the plug. Power outlets, cables, and charging stations are all starting to appear on cubicle furniture. Bern Office Systems cubicles are the right choice for you.

For more information on great office furniture pieces for 2016, contact Bern Boys now!