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Milwaukee Office Furniture Company Offers Access to the Best Manufacturers in the Industry

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Your furniture says a lot about your office. Quality brands from Bern Office System manufacturers will show the world how much your company cares while worn out or outdated furniture will reflect badly on your business. When the time comes to bring in new furniture pieces or refurbish the old, Milwaukee companies trust the manufacturers partnered with Bern Office Systems for reliable quality, appealing style, and affordable costs.

We know how much a difference a brand name manufacturer can make in the appearance and running of your office. Having a matching executive office set or identical cubicles will add a sense of professional cohesion to your business. You can also individualize your employee workstations with bright colors and unique patterns. We now offer standing desks to keep your employees healthy!

Milwaukee Office Furniture Manufacturers List:

9 to 5 Seating ABCO Artopex Cherryman Claridge Compatico
ERGO Contract Furniture ESI Ergonomics Eurotech Seating Fairfield Chair FireKing Security Group Groupe Lacasse
HPFI Indiana Furniture Jasper Desk Jasper Group (JSI) Mayline (with Kwik File & Tiffany Industries) Paoli
Right Angle Safco Smith System Storlie Company Unisource  AMQ Solutions

Take a moment to review all the different brands of furniture available to see which would work best for your office needs.

9 to 5 Office Furniture

9 to 5 Seating

9 to 5 Seating, founded in 1982, specializes in the design and manufacture of uniquely ergonomic office seating. The innovative office seating designs from 9 to 5 are produced with the daily demands of office environments in mind. Through vertical integration with manufacturing facilities globally to make the best possible office seating products with a wide selection of upholstery at the most cost efficient prices.

ABCO Office Furniture


ABCO works with small and medium-sized businesses, home offices or educational markets to provide the perfect office furniture solutions. With a wide variety of colors, finishes and fabrics, ABCO allows you to find the office furniture you had in mind. Through access to a huge inventory of office desks, tables, and chairs from industry leading brand names from ABCO, Bern Office Systems can help you find your ideal office furniture solution.

AMQ Solutions

AMQ Solutions

Standing or sit-to-stand desks are becoming more and more popular in Milwaukee offices. AMQ Solutions has the best in ergonomic, adjustable desks. We carry their ACTIV Sit-to-Stand table, ACTIV Height Adjustable Benching, and the ILINE Data Beam product lines.

Artopex Office Desks


Artopex is dedicated to offering a comprehensive inventory of high quality office furniture. The wide range of office furniture available from Artopex uses state of the art equipment to ensure their products are manufactured for lasting durability at affordable prices. Bern Office Systems is proud to work with manufacturers like Artopex to bring you the most affordable and dependable Milwaukee office furniture.

Cherryman Office Furniture


Cherryman products are made using innovative designs and industry leading engineering to produce the most affordable and dependable office furniture.  The experts at Cherryman work to provide office furniture to solve any office needs at value prices. Bern Office Systems relies on the cost-efficient products from Cherryman to provide the best office furniture solutions Milwaukee offers.

Claridge Office Tables


Claridge has provided lasting and affordable office furniture for over 60 years. The cabinets, cases, and office workstations manufactured by Claridge add aesthetic appeal and functionality at the most affordable prices. With a wide range of colors, finishes, and surfaces, Claridge is an ideal partner for our Milwaukee office furniture business.

Jasper Group Office Chairs


Jasper Group was originally known as Jasper Seating Company but has grown to include JSI, Community, and Klem brands. This consolidated collaboration of office furniture brands has created a company with a reputation for quality seating, organizational equipment and furniture. The time-tested products from Jasper Group are a great addition to the affordable Milwaukee office furniture products from Bern Office Systems.

Compatcio Cubicles


Compatico Inc. has been an industry leader in office furniture manufacturing for over 30 years. Their dedication to providing reliable and cost efficient office furniture has made them a resource for office furniture systems and parts across the country. Bern Office Systems is proud to work with Compatico to bring you the most affordable and dependable office furniture Milwaukee offers.

ERGO Office Seating

ERGO Contract Furniture

ERGO Contract Furniture offers some of the most comfortable and ergonomic office seating available. For over 35 years, ERGO has produced innovative office seating design for workplaces everywhere. Bern Office Systems offers ERGO Contract Furniture products as part of our Milwaukee office furniture inventory to help you save money and improve your office environment.

ESI Ergonomics Office Solutions

ESI Ergonomics

ESI Ergonomics has worked to manufacture the most comfortable and ergonomic office furniture in the industry. ESI believes in improving productivity through the comfort and functionality of their affordable office furniture. Bern Office Systems also believes comfort, productivity and cost-efficient prices are of the utmost importance, which is why we offer the ergonomic accessories from ESI.

Eurotech Seating Office Chairs

Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating holds their office furniture products to a high level of quality, dependability and comfort. The office seating products from Eurotech Seating are designed with ergonomic efficiency, durability, and innovation to bring the best office furniture to you. Bern Office Systems offers Eurotech Seating as part of our commitment to providing the best office furniture Milwaukee offers.

Fairfield Chair Office

Fairfield Chair

Fairfield Chair has been providing quality office furniture seating since 1921. The office furniture experts at Fairfield Chair ensure quality production through every step of the manufacturing process. With detailed attention to craftsmanship and tailoring, Fairfield Chair creates the highest quality office seating at the best prices. Bern Office Systems offers products from Fairfield Chair to bring their low cost, dependable products to the Milwaukee office furniture industry.

FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets


FireKing manufactures fireproof file cabinets and safes for the office environment. With over 50 years of experience in fireproof office furniture, FireKing can help your office keep it’s most valuable assets safe at an affordable price. Bern Office Systems offers the dependable products from FireKing as a part of our large inventory of office furniture solutions.

HPFI New and Used Office Furniture


Since 1958, HPFi has provided the office furniture industry with dependable, high quality products. From office organizational products to upholstered office seating, HPFi manufactures any office furniture necessary.

Milwaukee Office Furniture Company utilizes high quality office furniture manufacturers to provide cost-efficient business solutions.  From new and used office furniture to remanufactured office furniture, we have what your business needs. Bern Office Systems is proud to bring HPFi to the Milwaukee office furniture industry.

Indiana Furniture Office Desks

Indiana Furniture

Indiana Furniture has been committed to quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design for over a century. The office furniture from Indiana Furniture provides exceptional functionality and comfort for great prices. With our own personal commitment to providing affordable Milwaukee office furniture solutions, Bern Office Systems proudly offers products from Indiana Furniture.

Jasper Desk Wood Office Furniture

Jasper Desk

Jasper Desk has been in the office furniture industry for over 135 years, making them a go-to resource for quality office furniture manufacturing. Their commitment to design, functionality, and value has given them a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of office furniture. Bern Office Systems is happy to provide access to the dependable and affordable furniture from Jasper Desk to the Milwaukee office furniture industry.

Groupe Lacasse Office Systems

Groupe Lacasse

Groupe Lacasse is an industry leader in the design, service, and manufacture of high quality office furniture. Since 1956, Groupe Lacasse has provided offices of all environments with dependable, affordable, and functional office furniture. Bern Office Systems values the expertise and exceptional products Groupe Lacasse brings to our ever expanding Milwaukee office furniture inventory.

Mayline New Office Furniture

Mayline, Kwik File and Tiffany Industries (UNDER MAYLINE)

The Mayline office furniture cooperation includes Kwik File, Tiffany Industries, and Mayline Network Product Division. This consolidation of exceptional office furniture manufacturers ensures Mayline customers are completely satisfied with their choice of office furniture. Bern Office Systems works with Mayline as a way to expand our inventory of office furniture solutions and to provide the lasting and dependable office furniture Milwaukee depends on.

Paoli Office Chairs


Paoli’s office furniture production began in 1926. Their many years of industry experience has helped them earn a reputation for producing quality casegoods, seating and office furniture at great prices. Paoli’s commitment to innovation and functional design has made them a great ally of Bern Office Systems.

Right Angle Ergonomic Office Products


The goal of RightAngle is to design and manufacture office furniture which is comfortable, functional, and affordable in any work environment. The user friendly office furniture from Right Angle is attractive and dependable. Bern Office Systems offers Right Angle products as part of our commitment to providing unique, affordable, and functional solutions to the Milwaukee office furniture industry.

Safco Office Furniture


Safco manufactures office furniture meant to work with the changing needs of today’s office environments. The office furniture from Safco ensures comfort and innovative organization at cost-efficient prices. Bern Office Systems offers Safco office furniture to provide the Milwaukee office furniture industry with affordable and unique solutions which work in any work environment.

Smith System Office Chairs Desks

Smith System

Smith System manufactures innovative work stations which are designed to improve the health, comfort, and productivity in office environments. The unique and dependable office furniture products from Smith System are a great addition to any office looking for increased productivity and functionality. Bern Office Systems is happy add Smith Systems products to our Milwaukee office furniture inventory.

The Storlie Company Office Furniture

Storlie Company

Since 1953, Storlie Company has created a large inventory of high quality office furniture. This expansive inventory ensures office environments are completely prepared for any office furniture needs. Bern Office Systems is committed to providing affordable office solution to the Milwaukee office furniture industry, which is why we are excited to offer access to the Storlie Company inventory.

UniSource Office Furniture Parts


Unisource has been a manufacturer of OEM compatible replacement parts for office workstations since 1992. Unisource is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products in the industry. Bern Office Systems works with Unisource to expand our office furniture business to include the most comprehensive and dependable office remanufacturing services available.

Update Your Office with Quality Brand Name Furniture

Many of these manufacturers make storage and filing equipment specifically for their desks and workstations. Tour our Milwaukee showroom to see all the furniture brands available from Bern Office Systems. You can see all the furniture for yourself, try out chairs, and view matching office accessories. 

Contact the Milwaukee area furniture professionals at Bern Office Systems to find new office furnishings for your business.