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Sit-to-Stand Desks for Wisconsin Offices

AMQ Solutions is one of the many manufacturers we partner with to bring Milwaukee offices the affordable furniture they need. Best known for their ACTIV Sit-to-Stand table, ACTIV Height Adjustable Benching, and the ILINE Data Beam product lines, Bern Boys carries the best AMQ Solutions has to offer.

ACTIV Bench WorksationsACTIV Standing Desks

The ACTIV Sit-to-Stand tables are versatile workstations suitable for every employee. The desktop can be lowered for seated work or raised to stand. A quiet, powerful motor does all the hard work, no manual adjustments required! There is enough room for multiple monitors on top and storage units below.

The 120-degree configuration is a modern take on the traditional L-shaped desk. It provides additional workspace perfect for holding additional monitors, printers, or phones. Our furniture experts will help you find the right configuration for your office needs.

Colorful Standing AMQ DesksILINE Power Beams

ILINE Power beams keep each workstation supplied with power without creating a tangle of wires. Each beam can supply electricity to two desks, allowing for more creative furniture configurations. Multiple beams can be lined up to create a row of desks wherever you need them.

AMQ Solutions Accessories

Their accessories include monitor arms to hold up your computer screens and clear space on your desk. The have locked storage units to protect all your important documents and files. The units are designed to fit under or near the standing desks to reduce clutter. Wheel-mounted storage units can be easily moved around your office, even over carpet.

Optional back panels will provide privacy between workers. Different colors will add fun accents to your workplace.

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