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Great-looking used office cubicles aren’t as unusual as you might imagine. Cubicles are one of the easiest ways to organize an office by giving all employees and equal amount of work space. The right cubicles can give workers a private area to do their job while still providing an open environment for office collaboration. Bern Office Systems has a team of furniture experts to help you select the right cubicle and workstation configuration for your business.

Sometimes, your office needs a whole new look due to rebranding or new management. Perhaps you are expanding your current location or moving into a new building with a lot of empty office space to fill. Bern can move in and install all your used cubicles so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Available Cubicle Dimensions

Cubicles can be arranged in various configurations to provide maximum space for employees. Popular cubicle dimensions include:

  • 2’ x 5’
  • 4’ x 4’
  • 5’ x 5’
  • 6’ x 6’
  • 6’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 12’

If you want larger cubicles, we’ll find the best option for organizing your office to fit every workstation. Our Milwaukee furniture experts plan the right layout for your office. There are even executive sized cubicles for creating a private corner office.

Wall and partition height ranges from 42” to 66”+, again depending on the exact configuration you want. There are some custom sizes available when ordering new cubicles. Low walls are ideal for a more open environment with frequent coworker collaboration. Taller walls give workers more privacy and quiet, great for employees who regularly make phone calls.

Used Cubicles in Wisconsin

Ergonomic Used Cubicle Options

Used cubicles are not old or outdated. Bern Boys has used workstations which include many beneficial features for employees, including sit-to-stand adaptability. If you’re looking for an affordable way to convert your office to standing furniture, our used cubicles may be the answer you’re looking for.

Pair your cubicle with used chairs for affordable ergonomic support. We have a great inventory of chairs to fit any cubicle configuration.

Used Cubicle Accessories Have New Tricks

Colorful Milwaukee Cubicle Configuration

Many of our used cubicles were built to support computers and other technology. Workstations have optional keyboard trays and convenient electrical outlets to make modernizing easy. Upgrade your IT department or transform your sales bullpen with affordable cubicles.

Additional cubicle accessories include:

  • Panels
  • Partitions
  • Walls
  • Extenders
  • Connecting parts

Storage options are also plentiful with used cubicle stations. Overhead drawers, shelves, and under desk cabinets make for convenient storage even in smaller configurations.

Cubicle Wall, Partition, and Panel Décor

Cubicles are no longer confined to gray paneling. Walls and partitions are now available in many materials and colors. Some panels even include glass partitions for greater visibility. Your office can be as custom as you want with cubicles from Bern Office Systems Visit our Milwaukee showroom to see all the options for your used cubicles.

Quality Cubicle Workstations Come Used

Remember, used cubicles doesn’t necessarily mean old or worn down. Newer ones probably belonged to successful, fast-growing companies which were left behind after a move. Others might have clashed with the décor. Very rarely are used cubicles truly defective or damaged.

Our used cubicles are thoroughly checked before being offered at our furniture showroom. We remanufacture older cubicles so they are as good as new. Used cubicles come in many different configurations, from height and width to color and storage options. Call Bern today and review the excellent used cubicles we have to offer. The reasons our used cubicles look so great is because they are great!

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Milwaukee Office Desks

Don’t let your used office cubicles sit empty. Bern Office Systems offers high quality used office desks at affordable prices. Our experienced office designers will find the perfect set of used office desks to match your used office cubicles, giving your office a cohesive look. Used doesn’t have to mean old, broken, or damaged. Many of our used office desks were only in use for less than a year. We help Racine offices get a new look with affordable used office desks and more. 

Conference Room Chairs Milwaukee

Complete your office remodel with affordable used office chairs from Bern Office Systems. Just because your office chair is used doesn’t mean it’s broken, damaged, out of date, or even old. Some of our used office furniture was only in use for a few months. Used office chairs from Bern Office Systems feel and function like new. Our office designers will help find a complete set of used office chairs to match your cubicles and desks. Used office chairs from Bern Office Systems will give your office a stylish new look. Racine businesses have completely transformed their offices with used office furniture.

Milwaukee Used Office Furniture

If your Racine business needs more than desks and chairs to complete your remodel, you can find used file cabinets and other used office furniture at Bern Office Systems. Our experienced office designers will find used office furniture to perfectly match your office. We only take high quality used office furniture from full sets, ensuring you won’t receive a hash of random mismatched furniture. Used office furniture from Bern Office Systems doesn’t look or feel used, and some of our products were in use for less than a year. Give your entire office a new look with used office equipment.