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Kenosha Office CubiclesEmployers want teamwork. Employees want privacy. New office cubicles from Bern Office Systems deliver both, offering workers a separate work location where they can individualize their environment while fulfilling their role on the team. Cubicles are the perfect blend of shared office space with personal privacy, answering the needs of both employer and employee.

Cubicles are a great way to provide each employee with a private customized workstation even in a relatively small area. Rather than constructing expensive new offices or limiting everyone to a single desk, custom cubicles give everyone equal space.  With each worker having their own contained area, you’ll secure maximum cost effectiveness with a surprisingly low cost. You may have small quarters, but you’ll be able to generate a lot more money!

Organization increases with cubicles, as each work area is contained and can include many different storage capabilities. The exact storage unit can change depending on the preference of the worker using the cubicle. File cabinets can go out of the way under the desk or shelves can be added for higher storage options. Thanks to our computer aided 3D layout planning, we can help you see how much space you will save with your cubicle configuration.

Standing CubiclesAdjustable Sit-to-Stand Office Cubicles Available

Bern Boys have encountered many different types of cubicles over the years. Recently, there has been a huge demand for standing or sit-to-stand workstations amongst Milwaukee businesses. More and more employees want to avoid sitting for an entire day of work, adding to the popularity of standing desks. By working with AMQ Solutions, we are now proud to offer several standing desk options for your office cubicles.

The ACTIV and ILINE furniture lines are all motor powered for easy height adjustments. Privacy screens can be fitted between each workstation for greater privacy. Matching storage units are also available to keep each cubicle organized and free from clutter. Whether you get ACTIV Sit-to-Stand tables, ACTIV Height Adjustable Benching, or the ILINE Data Beam for your employees, they will appreciate the benefits provided. 

Incredible Configurations for Office Environments

Modern office cubicles are extremely flexible. Unlike their older counterparts, they are no longer limited to set styles or measurements. Walls can be high or low, entries open or enclosed. Various sizes are available so your precise work needs can be met. You can even mix and match styles for specific departments to better meet the exact needs of your employees. The result is an office which generates satisfaction with no distraction.

There’s more! New cubicles can be designed with evolving technology in mind. Openings for wires, places for monitors, and adjustable keyboards are just some of the options available from our furniture suppliers. Office cubicles from Bern Boys are anything but dull. A wide range of fabrics and colors can be utilized to provide a bright, positive environment. Perfect for a brand new office or revitalizing your current space, Bern Office Systems cubicles are the right choice for you.

Reduce Cubicle Culture in Milwaukee

The term “cubicle culture” is used to describe any workplace where everyone is stuffed into small, identical cubicles like cogs in a machine. This approach to business is very impersonal, lowering employee productivity and morale. Bern Boys, the office furniture experts of Milwaukee, use modern workstations, technologically advanced cubicles, and standing desks to combat the common issues caused by so-called cubicle culture.

  1. Volume and Visual Distractions – If you’ve ever had to concentrate on an important assignment, you know how difficult it is to focus while hearing the sound of a salesman on a phone call, a coworker eating their lunch, or a nearby radio. Modern cubicle walls are designed to dampen sound to contain noise. Cubicles from Bern Boys are available in many different heights and configurations to cut down on visual distractions throughout the workday.
  2. Odors – Pleasant and unpleasant smells can all contribute to workplace distractions, especially if you have employees with allergies or nasal sensitivities.
  3. Lack of Space and Storage – Maximize space and storage with custom cubicles from Bern Boys. Our office space planning team will maximize your current office space and storage.
  4. Lack of Privacy - New workstations provide privacy to your employees to increase productivity. Cubicles with 3 or 4 walls can give every employee their own office where they can work in peace.

Computers and Cubicles: Updating Your Office

Desktop with TechnologyIf you have older cubicles, you may have noticed there isn’t enough room for computer monitors or access to electrical outlets. While some temporary solutions may be possible, there are a lot of risks. Unsecured wires could accidentally be unplugged, instantly deleting hours of work. Fortunately, new cubicles are constructed with technology in mind.

Modern cubicles may include special electrical outlets to ensure each worker receives power without overwhelming a single socket. You can save a lot more money if your cubicles are configured so they are able to share partitions and outlets. With Bern Boys, we can use 3D layout planning to find the best way to arrange your cubicles.

If you have a lot of  tech workers, you’ll need cubicles which can support all of their equipment. If their current setup cannot fit multiple monitors, keyboards, or other technology, they won’t be able to work efficiently. There are many cubicles which now include keyboard trays or other storage to keep the work surface organized.

Cubicle Chairs with Ergonomic Designs

The best-designed cubicle is nothing without a supportive chair. Since cubicles are often enclosed by 3 or 4 walls, the chairs have to fit within the available dimensions. If the chair is too large, it will make the cubicle feel cramped. And chairs which are too small often lack ergonomic support.

New office chairs from Bern Boys are available in many styles and from high-quality manufacturers. By buying your cubicles and chairs from the same brand, you can have a completely matching set. Or mix and match to customize the appearance of your office. Bern Boys furniture experts will help you select the best pieces at affordable pricing.

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